Hi everyone

 I am Cypher's, Bladebearer's, and TTUG's little sis. You guys can call me Chris.

I guess I should tell you a little about myself.

Well My fav color is Yellow.

My fav type of book is a bit of romance, adventure, and mystery novels.

I love the codebearer books

My fav is The Consuming Fire

Trista and Hope are my fav character

And as I have already said Cypher, Bladbearer,and TTUG are my sibling.

And I hope to show Cypher I am AWSOMER than he is!!!!! 

(You are welcome to help with that!!)


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I am not very good with this stuff! 

i noticed.

things to think about:

fav book title

how you came to find codebearers

what you think of codebearers

fav cb book

fav cb character

fav food

family on site

friends on site

stuff you are looking forward to doing on the site

At least you have one.

at least two word post please


oh no! you fav color isn't blue? how terrible! lol, jk. I've always imagined someone doing something like that to some one when they introduce themselve and say their fav color. It would not be cool to choose your friends based on their color preferences.

Who are some of your fav authors? (unlike the color, you might be judged on this one. Authors tell you a lot about a person. Again, lol, jk)


Ever heard of Tamora Pierce?

i think i've heard of her....maybe...

Some of my fav authors would be Grace Livingston Hill, and Janet Oke.

Have you read anything by Colleen Coble or Erin Healy?

No. Sorry.

So....your name is really Fluffy?


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