Hi everyone

 I am Cypher's, Bladebearer's, and TTUG's little sis. You guys can call me Chris.

I guess I should tell you a little about myself.

Well My fav color is Yellow.

My fav type of book is a bit of romance, adventure, and mystery novels.

I love the codebearer books

My fav is The Consuming Fire

Trista and Hope are my fav character

And as I have already said Cypher, Bladbearer,and TTUG are my sibling.

And I hope to show Cypher I am AWSOMER than he is!!!!! 

(You are welcome to help with that!!)


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Yeah blade nothing is going on. We defiantly aren't planning to take over the world during Christmas break.

or trying to stop the taking over, which isn't happening anyway.

(or totally calling that you'd comment... OH WAIT-)

Yeah it really is. FLUFFY!!!

so little sis how is your plan coming along?


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