Hey everyone, I know this thread is technically supposed to be for help on the site, but as soon as my help due date is over, I'll delete it, I think this is the best category for it!

Okay, so I am a semi-finalist for a $2000 scholarship, and in order for me to get finalist status, I need people to vote for my profile. It's super easy too! You don't have to give away ANY personal info, just click on the link I will attach, look for my profile which is "Alexis Collins" and then hit submit on the bottom. Then you're done! Now of course you don't have to help if you don't want to, but I would GREATLY appreciate it.

If you're in the opposite and want to help me to the max, share the link with your friends on Facebook, or in person if that's your style and let me know.

Here's the link: http://hsnation.com/scholarships/scholarship-finalists/

On top of this, if you do help me out, let me know on my profile, tell me if you did anything extra out of the way, and I'll send out and EXTRA special thank you to the person (or people as it may fall out) who really took the time to help me out. This may involve the first profile name change I've ever done since my being on CB, and maybe a couple extra things I can come up with:)

Thanks all,

always vVv,

Lexi (for now)

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Just shared this on Facebook

Thanks Zhadow:D

Yeah RAMH, my mom initially signed me up at HSNation.com, so I kept receiving e-mails from them. I hope to get a degree in pre-med mainly. I want to offer dietary health options for people who can't afford it or don't know about it...food rather than medicine as much as possible.

Awesome. That sounds great. I love the idea of food, a more natural kinda approach, than just filling a person with medicine. You will do great.

Thanke much!

Yeah, I've had my own experience with it, being jacked up on expensive medications that caused me to get worse. Especially since all of my problems were diet related... I think that's the case for most people and am very passionate about it.

The more passionate you are, the better you'll do I think. I applaud you for going after something you love.

Voted ur gr8!


No need for applause by any means, I just don't see the logic in chasing after something that would bore you to death...;)

Well...You would be able to cross out "Die of boredom" from your list of things to do.

True, Michaelyoda.


I get that, Lexi. It was one of the requirments when I was looking into degrees too.

All right, so....sadly, I did not make it to round two. But I still appreciate all your guys' help very much. To show it, I need everyone to post a list of their favorites and I will reward as necessary (possibilities: fav. color, book, movie, etc)

Oh, so sorry about that. But, great things will still happen. :)

Hopeflly still existing in the finance areas of college though...


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