A new issue has come to my attention that I feel needs to be addressed. There is a lot of clutter and disorganization in the forums today. We are trying to clean things up. Please help us minimize spam and overall messiness with these few simple steps that take no time at all.

1. READ THE DESCRIPTIONS--Every one of the forum topics such as (and having been noticed) the Sanctuary, say specifically what threads belong there. We have been getting a lot of completely random topics in these areas and it needs to stop. We (the moderators) may or may not give you a warning that we are deleting the thread. If your thread is in the wrong place, that tells us you don't really care too highly about the work the Miller Bros put into the descriptions to make this site as optimally fun as possible, and may very well be deleted because it kind of shows a lack of respect.

2. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE POSTING--before you post a new discussion, make certain it is a legitimate discussion. This includes things like: Tahini, eyelashes, socks, and all other such random threads. The reason for this is because all it amounts to is clutter. Only so much can be said about tahini before people get bored with the discussion, or against the rules, get off topic, and it "dies." There are a handful of designated "off topic" threads, but we don't need more than a few, otherwise it's breaking the rules. If you are in a silly mood, which is absolutely great, or just excited to be a new member of CB and want to get started right away (great as well by the way), please refrain from posting because of that mood. Take a minute to think about it, "is this really going to be a good thread" or "does it really enhance the amount of fun CB is meant to be?" and other such things.

The same principle applies here, if your thread seems random, or just all around silly, don't go storming off yelling at us mods and such if it's deleted. That can lead to further problems (such as possible suspension) that are really not worth the thread.

And please remember to stay on topic. Getting off topic here and there is fine, and we won't crack down on people for a couple of stray comments, but if there are pages of completely off topic comments, it not only 1) makes the thread pointless, but 2) it confuses new members who are trying to get aquainted with the CB community.

As always, make sure you've checked out the "Rules and Guidelines" in the Announcements portion of the forums and Have fun! But do your part by helping everyone have fun!

Thank you,



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ok, i will  

vVv to you too

Yes ma-am! :)

Have fun, don't be too random,
~Wolfy <3

Thank you for posting this, Lexi. I really appreciate the work that you and the other mods are doing.

No problem at all! I love working with all of you and I greatly appreciate your compliance:D Like I said, my (and the other mods') ultimate goal is to provide a safe and more importantly fun place for all you guys! But that is truly impossible w/o all you guys contributing like you have been. Thank YOU;)

ok great! :) 

Be old;) Naw, there's nothing specific that gains you the status of "Moderator." Right now the Miller bros have seen no need for a new one, but when they do (need one), they look for maturity, and dedication to the site as well as to the codebearers cause.

When I want to be random, I just go to the coffee break. :)

And that's the right place to do so

Thanks for the heads-up ma-am!



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