Hello my name is Lulu and I'm going to introduce myself... so:

- Fave colors: Red, purple, black, turquoise, blue

- Fave book: umm... that's hard. I really like Divergent, which I am reading at the moment

- Fave Manga: Kitchen Princess, Yumekui Merry, What is wrong with this art club?, sentirental girl, and the most amazing... The BIG ADVENTURES of MAJOKO!!!

Fave anime: Yumekui Merry, Owari no Seraph (maybe), RWBY, Madoka Magica, Coppelion, Wish upon the Pleiades, Ultra Maniac ( I recommend them all)

- Fave animals (I couldn't think of anything else at the moment XD): Foxes, fish, cats, birds, and spiders

- I like anime, cats, Japan, red, my computer, and being creative
- I dislike fnaf, Tokyo Ghoul, Calne ca, pepperoni, and most dogs
- Talents: singing, writing, reading, drawing, (having freaky dreams lol)
- Dream job: either to be an Animator, Manga Artist, or a famous Writer
I am a very random person, who wants to learn Japanese (the rest of it) and go to Japan and just watch anime read manga and take adorable pictures of my cat!!!

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How can you not like dogs and PEPPERONI?!

How can you like it? lol

Because it is wonderful tasty goodness


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