Well, after much thought, I have concluded that I will indeed write an introduction about my self, for those of you still wondering who I am.

First of all, my name. Pronounced Kay-duh-may, it is indeed French. I have one younger brother, two dogs, and two wonderful parents who I love, mainly because they support so many of my parties. Just kidding! I am a practicing Christian and enjoy going to church and youth weekly. I am homeschooled, like many on this site, but I go to school once a week for the whole day. I play the piano and cello and dance seven to nine hours a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and many times Friday. My classes include Gymnastics, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Breakdancing, and Musical Theater.

I love writing in my spare time, which is why I think RPG's are so great, and editing. I have a lot of my work published through multiple companies, from short stories to poetry. I am currently working on a seven book series, a slow and somewhat painful process, and hope to get those published soon as well.

Another thing I do to pass the time is paint. I sold one of my paintings last year and have given others away for presents to friends. My preferred median is acrylic and I paint multiple sized canvases. I also like drawing, though not as much as painting.

My family has an in-ground pool in our backyard and during the summer I teach swimming lessons along with my mom. I was on a competitive swim team for two years and will be taking my lifeguarder's course soon, hopefully. I love hosting parties, hence the comment at the beginning of this intro, at my pool and it is a known fact that my friends call me up and just ask if they can come over, something I'm totally fine with.

Tanwen, C-Rae, Lyndz, Mina, and Frelp are some of my good friends in real life. Lyndz was the one who got me to read the Codebearers' books in the first place, and Tanwen and C-Rae convinced me, and my parents, that I should join this new site. I was on the old one, way back when, but never posted on the forums, so I was basically unknown. I love the CB books and read them each within a day, because I couldn't put them down. Along with the Miller Brothers, Ted Dekker is one of my favorite authors of all time and I have read all of his books. I'm so excited for his new series coming out soon!

I'm not your average girl who likes mushy movies or books. Some of my favorite movies are Gladiator, Inception, Source Code, Pay Check, Matrix (the first one), Avatar, Bourne Identity (all three), and Lord of the Rings. I do, however, love many Disney and Dreamworks movies, like Winnie the Pooh (all time favorite), Wall-ie, UP, and Despicable Me, to name a few.

I love fast cars and motorbikes. Both my dad and my mom drive BMW motorbikes, I drive a small Honda (my baby), and my brother drives a cheap Mini Baha. My dream bike, though, is a BMW S1000RR, Super Bike race model in black and blue.

I think I've covered everything there. Other than my least favorite movie that scarred me for life: Lion King. And Anastasia.

Anything else you want to know, just ask. I have no problem with questions, unless they refer to my exact location in the world XP

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Just one question!..........................So who exactly are you?

I'm me of course XP

Oh, okay then.

*cough* you didn't mention who you sold the painting too...

Money is money. Besides, I didn't want to brag..... I mean, so what that it was teh White House who bought it..... Jk (duh). I guess I forgot about that. Oh well. My parents bought it for $100.

Awesome introduction! Thanks for joining us on the new site. It's a joy to be able to hear from our readers and learn more about them. I think you'll find the more you give to the site...the more you will get from it. I've always been nervously interested in riding motorbikes. On one hand, I figure I'd look really cool riding one...then again, I'm such a klutz I'd probably break my neck. :-) Anyway, good to have you here.

You got a reply from Christopher Miller! I never got one of those :'(

Hello, Kademee!  Nice to meet you officially.  Nice introduction. I also like Lord of the Rings and Winnie the Pooh. (There was a bit of a contrast, there... XD) You've mentioned your favorite movies, but do you have any favorite books?

Christopher Miller..... Mr. Miller? What would you prefer to be called? Anyway, driving a motorbike is, in my opinion, easier than driving a car, because they are less things to worry about, like blind spots. If you can ride a normal bicycle, you can ride a motorcycle. The only difference is that you don't have to pedal. Turning your throttle is just like switching gears, and the brakes are just like the ones on training bikes where you just press back the pedals and the bike stops. So it's a lot simpler than you probably think. There's nothing like going down a hill at 80km/h (50m/h) wearing only a sweat shirt and jeans and a helmet, with the wind blowing past you. It's like riding pure energy. You should try t some time, face your fears and all. If you can write a book and get it published, I'm sure you can drive a motorbike :) But, it's a good idea to take the course first.

Krystalwing, thanks :) Favorite books.... Well I love the Hunter Brown books, of course. But my favorite books, if I had to list the top ones and didn't include the HB books, are Three, Blink, Kiss, and Saint, all by Ted Dekker.

Tanwen, it's because you don't drive cool bikes XP Jk.

I think you mean "it's because you don't ILLEGALLY drive cool bikes." XP

Tanwen you don't drive cool bikes period. XP

I've always wanted to ride a motor bike! XD Though I think I'd do it with my dad. Wow you've got a lot to do every week! 


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