This is Laser Tag Wars Redo! (2) To start with you first pick a team either Team Blue or Team Red. Each team has their own black neon lit castle fort,equipped with any type of laser guns, armor and shields. Both teams starts of in a huge factory with the forts in the side buildings. Whichever team member hits a different team,that team gets 5 points. Whoever reaches 300 points wins then starts off the next round.



No killing weapons

No killing of your teammates

No super armor

Only use Laser tag type weapons

No ganging up on rival team members

Have fun!


Team RedDestroyers (Red) - 0


Jaren Truthseeker


Mother Hen


Team BlueHedgehogs (Blue) - 10

The Destroyer of Worlds





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I put the anti-laser shield which deflects the grenade back at the blue base

I blast the grenades with my laser cannon before the get to the base. And then I blast the reds base!!

I put up level 5 laser shields on red base just before it blew up i fire my own gernades at the blue base!

I shoot your grenades out of the sky before the come in range of the blue base.

i launch a barrage of lasers at the red base and whoever is over there.

Lucklly the shields were on to block your barrage then i sent one right back.

i shoot a missile at red team, and reflect the laser shot back

I dive behind a metal wall before getting hit.

the laser hits the wall, and reflects away from everything.

the missile, however, follows you.

I fire a missile at yours as i made my way back to the base quickly.

they both blow up, as i casually walk away into my base, not looking at the explosion. Like an action movie hero.

I collasped on the floor of the base for just a moment before making fresh weapons as the course fixed itself.


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