Lets discuss James Paterson's 'Maximum Ride' series!

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I've never read the comics. I didn't even know there was comics.
But since I don't know who dylan is I'm going to have to reread the 
series after I finish Rangers Appretice for the 5th or 6th time.
I luv Maximum Ride!!

The only book I didn't like was Final Warning...it sucked :p

I haven't finished Fang yet and I don't really like it much...and yeah Final Warning wasn't so good. The first three (or two) were the best but then they started going downhill.

The Mangas are awesome!...but they have swearing in them and a few other things that I didn't like too much. Though Fang looks awesome in them...though not with long hair. XP

I really need to reread these.......

Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment.

I'm almost finished it now! ^^ Just ordered the second.

Okay, so I've re-read all the ones that we have, and the ones my neighbor has.
So I've read up to number 5. Titled 'Max'.
So I guess whatever you were talking about earlier come in later in the series.
But I'm glad I read them again.

Best books ever!

Man! The comics and the books are so alike! The writer is awesome to!! ^^

I totally agree can't wait for the last book! ^~^


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