Here's how it works. Somebody writes what looks like a skit. The line that you're supposed to memorize is written in in italics. Now, you have to write a date before the script like Feb. 21 or something like that. That is the date that everyone puts down their answers. Every day before that are days that you memorize it. When that date come the person who put the script in has to delete it, then everyone can put their answers in. I need at least 5 people for this. I will post the first scripts on Feb. 7. The person who gets it right will write the next one.

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sounds kinda fun
i might do it
Yeah, you messaged me about it, so I think I'll do it.

Just two more people!!!!!!

come on guys!!
Time to respond!!!!!!
"Isn't Matt suppose to get it? When is that Netflix suppose to be delivered to 1905 Village place?"
i give up!
I don't really remember it. So how about you take the next one.



Karen: "Nice sunset."

Alex: "Rather be watching Baney than be stuck outside. You had to lock us outside the manor with all the keys inside!"

Maria: "It is to not be my fault."

Karen: "That's enough you two. DC has the TTUG. He'll get them."


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