Ok if you play minecraft you are EPIC, and if you do this is the place to talk about it, tell me about your land and stuff that you have made!

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I am epic! Right now I have a huge mine and a bunch of wolves!

Dig this:

Dude that is sick. How long did it take you to do that.

I only have a castle

Not mine! Not mine! I am just a fan of the game. I don't have the time to build stuff with it, Blender is easier.

Oh. ok. well. it's still pretty amazing

That's sick man! I mostly just mine, haha.
TTUG didn't build that he just got the pic


I'm building a huge Spaceship! plus a huge underground garden!

Okay, whoever really did that was incredible. I have two creatives and two survivals. All of them are named after somewhere I like. Narnia and Middle-earth are my survivals, and Naboo and The Ink World are my creatives. In survival, I live in what I call a hobbit hole. Basiclly a comfortable hole in the ground which has been smoothed my me. In creative, I live in pretty houses built from precious stones and metals, or whatever strikes my fancy.

I have the minecraft pocket edition, if that counts.

What's that?


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