Ok if you play minecraft you are EPIC, and if you do this is the place to talk about it, tell me about your land and stuff that you have made!

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well let me know

I will. ;)

Oh cool

I don't have minecraft yet, so I use a game called MineTest. It's about the same thing, but with a few differences(i.e. no mobs, fewer bricks, no redstone, etc.). However, to make up for these major shortcomings, it has easy to use MOD SUPPORT!!! just drag and drop the mod folder into the games mod directory, and voila, you have a mod installed.

if you want to try it, go to www.minetest.net and download the latest version. it's really fun.

i enjoy minecraft also i have a mine that goes to lava and diamonds

Oh nice I've never goting a diemond

Diamond ore looks like this 

does anyone know if herobrine is on the xbox version

please tell me on my page if you know anything about it

Minecraft xbox 360 edition end + enderdragon coming soon


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