Heya iz were u mussst mispell al woyds, any1 hoo falls 2 du soe, losses n evry1 iz forsed 2 boooooo u


(Abbreviation sare valid: I.e. 2 da p-R-k, also improporly using words like their, there, and they're)

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impee iz allreddy gude et nott speleeng rite

ey no rite. nu ofence impee.

el uh ehl

Hurr hurr hurr. Ii hopez u alll haz goodz Chrisytamises.

thanx Miste Stuckuboo.

Merrie CHRISTmuz 2 ya 2z.

...Ii dun loike thert variashun oof mee nme. ;/ Cn wee spll ech othrs nmes corektly?

moy nuther. Wey shuld spll eah othah's namez correktli. :)


Thoiky, Avaid (jerst iin cse. ;) Hoow booot iit, Lexii?
Suuure...iph u wunt 2 b boooooed...Jest kidin gu uhhed


moy hazta eatz mor nomnomnomz F000000D!! 

Hurr, u goo aheed, jst dunt geev uself aa stumak ack.

oif. I ated muchz f000000000000000000000000000000000000000d.


Owup, Ii waarneded u booot eatin tooo mch o dat.


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