Hey everyone, so in case you have yet to hear, I am going on an 8 week (EEP!) mission trip this summer to (you guessed it the Philippines) and I just wanted to invite anyone who was interested to mine and my sister's blog of updates:)  We can use all the prayer support we can get, so I figured, since you guys are all amazing, you might be willing to offer some of that:)

Here is the link

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How will CB ever survive without you for EIGHT WHOLE WEEKS? D:

I'll be sure to remember to pray for you guys. ;)

Aww;) I'm sure you'll do pretty okay without me bothering everyone;)

Thank you, but I'll be back! And you better believe I'll be on here when I get home...though I may be going to bed at 6PM PCT, where I live, because I'll be getting up consistently at 5:30 EST (which for all you math wizzes out there, with daylight savings will be...1:30 AM here) and going to bed at 9 PM EST...Yaaaay...?

Yaaaay! :p

When are you leaving?

Thats so cool! I've always been curious about those... maybe I'll do one one day ;)

Good luck!

I'll be leaving (I think) June 20th, bt we really need prayers for financial help, cause we need about $15,000 which...without God...Is entirely impossible

Oh, okay.
So Doomsday isn't THAT close. :p

I'll remember to do that.

Whaddaya mean about doomsday?

June 20th, the day we find out whether or CB will survive without all the moderators. ;P

Haha;) Well you'll still have Blade and Ed, and they are great at their jobs, I'll just have to teach them to be harsher like me:P (JK)

I think i'll be up for the challenge. *evil smile*

We'll miss you, Lexi. Hope you have a good trip.

Quick little update: I did nopt get to go. Unfortunately, because my church does not fund us, we only raised enough funds to send one of us (me ot my sister) and we just really felt she was the one who was meant to go:)

Thanks so much everyone:)

That's too bad! At least one of you did go. :) 


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