I gurtly enjoy movie quoting, so here's the game to do it.  First, a few rules. 

Rule number 1: Quotes from MOVIES ONLY.  That means no tv, no books, no games, nuthin but movies.  There are good quotes in those things, but oftentimes those quotes are more out there with not many people knowing them.  So we'll stick to movies. 

Rule number 2: You must CORRECTLY guess the quote of that the person before you posted before posting a quote of your own.  If you can't guess the quote you can't post your own.  If no one is able to guess the quote after an interval of one day, then anyone can post a new quote to keep the game moving.

Rule number 3:  FOLLOW the above rules!  Disregarding them, say posting a quote without answering the current one, will result in that quote being deleted.

So, with those guidelines, let's get started!


First quote: "I know you did not just swing your pole at me!" "You little!  You little!  You small!"

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It was from Dirty Dancing. :P

Okay, you can do one.

I have no idea what that is from.

Hint, please 

X-Men, How to Train your Dragon 2?

John Carter?

The Croods.

"Hey. **** are you a mole or a worm?'

Actually, it was Holes.


But, which one.....

(P.S. you are my new best friend!)

May-one socket!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! How about...

"Let me do it. Its my fault he's up there. Plus, your not good at pogoing."

Its Princess and the Popstar. Still veggietales ...

o_o What have they done?


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