These are not in order.

the Avengers movies

the Guardians of the Galaxy

the Middle Earth trilogies 

Star Trek; Next Generation films

Star Wars Saga 

Doctor Strange  

Edge of tomorrow

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Lol but joyous day! The next season has arrived!

Matters greatly believe it or not.

It's not a bad taste but it feels like one that hasn't watched different types of films. I know this because I used to have the same narrow taste.

That's- I- *sighs* Hallmark. Regardless, we're talking movies not tv. I suggest CasablancaCrouching Tiger, Hidden DragonMe and Earl and the Dying GirlLife of Pi, The Adventures of Tintinand Warrior to name a few. These are all PG/PG-13. No R just for you guys.

A piece of advice, realize that just because you perceive something as negative or criticizing does not mean that it is. Sometimes people just are busting your chops.

How is it in bad format?

Narrow? really? Why can't my favorite movies be of said genre?

I own Tintin and Warrior, both are great films. But unless the others are on Netflix or Amazon Prime I can't watch them.

What have you done to all of the groups I'v posted? What did you do when I misspelled a word in a discussion description?

*wrinkles nose at sucky movie list*

It should be (I'm giving you list back that is not 100% complete because I need to know some information before it can be):

The Avengers

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Middle-Earth trilogies

Star Trek: Next Generation (Do you mean The Next Generation films? As in 

Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek: Nemesis?)

Star Wars (Saga or the 1977 film?)

Doctor Strange

Edge of Tomorrow

They can be but at the same time, it really makes one wonder just how much of a film viewer you are. Are you just a blockbuster fan or do you also enjoy narratively heavy material. Do you enjoy getting into a character's mind for two or so hours and really getting to know them only to find out what you/they knew was completely and utterly wrong? Do you enjoy films that make your mind go wow with their expansive stories of pure and untouched places in space all to find a suitable home for human life? Blockbusters are great but they only do so much with story. This is more in general rather than related to those on your list. Please keep in mind, I like your list. I don't hate a single thing on it but it doesn't lead to a great deal of conversation beyond "Oh I loved that movie! Do you remember this scene?" That's not a bad thing either but for the many like me who love breaking down a film and crawling into a character's mind there is only so much blockbuster are able to do.

You can find them online or at your library most likely. There is always a way to view content.

I've probably posted something in them. I probably pointed the fact you misspelled a word out to you.

Ok thanks.

I watch movies for the story mostly, but I like action/adventure and sci-fi/fantasy movies. Some other movies I liked were: the Martian, Oblivion, Queen of Katwe, Caption Phillips, Earth to Echo, and Eye in the Sky.

Just need to know the parenthetical questions before I can give you a final formatting.

The Martian and Captain Phillips are really good movies. Oblivion is average. It had promise but falters too much in the little areas for me. Queen of Katwe is on my watch list and it'll be on Netflix soon so yay! Eye in the Sky is also on my watch list and Earth to Echo is nowhere close to my watch list.

Who wants to guess what movie I like?

HTTYD (and maybe 2) is one of them

HTTYD. I love HTTYD 2 but Stoick.
Hey Z, you ever watched The Letter or Inception?

Inception is a freaking mind blowing film that I love!

1940's The Letter, 2012's, or 2014's?


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