We are planning to create a new product for our Codebearers book series – a backpack!

But before we order a boat load of them, we want to hear from you. Which of the colors below would you like more? The “light” logo or the “dark” logo? Post a comment below with your preference…


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I like the dark logo!

Those are awesome!!!!!!!

I agree.  Dark is better.

Totally dark. Then again I'm more for dark colors.\


my sister Chirs is for both.

I like the dark one! Am I allowed to ask how much they'll retail for? I'll need to start saving up...

Dark. *nodnod*


They both look awesome but I think dark stands out better and if I were to buy it I would want people to notice it!!

Miller Brothers, I think you have your answer....Dark.

I like the dark one.

i have been like fan girl excited ever since this thread was posted! it be totally awesome to carry my calculus book and stuff in that next semester!

don't you mean dumbfounded? Wuts aesthetic?

Dark logo!!!


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