We are planning to create a new product for our Codebearers book series – a backpack!

But before we order a boat load of them, we want to hear from you. Which of the colors below would you like more? The “light” logo or the “dark” logo? Post a comment below with your preference…


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I think you should just sell both.

I think you should do gold because it is the Author's mark. Do you think that the Author's mark would really be dark? Also, the necklases have the mark as gold in the books, and so does the Author's Writ, so I think it should be gold.

I totally agree with Jamal. Gold or white. Maybe gold if you did a more dark brown backpack instead of that lighter brown.

the dark logo

The dark one, Hands down...Both are gourgeous, but dark never stains as easily as white...hwo much you think thsese things will be going for?


I think the light looks better, to be honest.


I like the dark one, personally. And no, unlike some of you, I'm not just going with the crowd. lol, jk. :)

Yerp, dark is the better one.


Just out of curiosity... did anyone vote for the light one?




I didn't

dark one 

Does that new offer include the new book when it comes out?


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