We are planning to create a new product for our Codebearers book series – a backpack!

But before we order a boat load of them, we want to hear from you. Which of the colors below would you like more? The “light” logo or the “dark” logo? Post a comment below with your preference…


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Does that new offer include the new book when it comes out?

Great question, Math ew! This current offer will not include the new book.

At this point, we have only ordered 100 of these backpacks (with the dark design). There is no guarantee that we will restock this product. If we have the inventory of backpacks available at the time of the new book release, I would expect a gift pack would be in order. Time will tell...

You can, however, order the backpack individually. Price is set at $10.99 for a backpack on it's own.

Either that or the medallion is on my christmas list.

Cool! Thanks Allan!

Yes! Iz black! Awesomeness! This is so cool....Lord of the Rings didn't have medallions, backb=pack, t-shirts AND a book ever!

This backpack will be perfect for my ballet stuff! 

When will we be able to order them? like should i put them on my christmas list. or no cause everybody's already ordered them

You can order them now from our shop, http://www.millerbrothersbooks.com/. The actual product is expected to arrive in our office by end of November (in a couple weeks). You can buy it in a gift set (bag, medallion, & choice of book) for $29.99, or stand-alone for $9.99. As mentioned earlier, we will only have a limited stock of 100 available.

Mine just arrived today! Looks awesome!

Got mine yesterday!!! LOVE IT!!!!


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