So this is where you battle against each other using only oxymorons. (For eg. liquid-gas)

If you don't know what oxymorons are, just let me know and i'll tell you.


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So what kinda names do you want? Chocolate? Smarties? Oxy and Moron? (lol)

Move to the forum game forum please.

I vote Oxi and Moron for the team names!
Is a oximoron when you cover your eyes when you have sunglasses
on top of your head?

haha no that's just a moron :

I'll be a moron 

 oxi for me. little big

Ok then whats an Oxi moron?
An Oxymoron is something that contradicts what is real. Example: Legally Drunk.
Oh ok thanks :)
So yeah can I be team Oxy? I have a whole list of oxymorons I'm just waiting to use.

ya i do to but it would be good if once in a while we can come up with a few...


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