Anything you like really, pictures of things you like, don't like, are proud of, etc.

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Oh okay, thanks.

Here are a couple pictures I drew a while back & recently colored in. Both are from book two.



is that second one hope?
Yup. The part when Hunter finds her in book 2.
love that Hope pic best.

I know that this was a while ago, but I just now saw them. Great job, this looks fantastic!

Wow, those are really good.  The most I can draw are stick figures....
oh, i would'nt tell that to everybody...

Wow. those are really cool. spikin!

WHOAH!!! I'm rubbish with a colored pencil unless I have a graphite line to draw by.
Actually I did use a regular pencil for the main sketch. Then I outlined and colored the pictures in with colored pencils. ;]

I tried a picture of Hunter a little while ago, and it turned out ok. Then I colored it in.....ugh. So being bummed out, I went surfing, and found this...




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