Everyone needs prayer...kinda like everyone needs Chocolate only more. Food for the soul:) Please note there is no such thing as a dumb or less significant prayer, someone may ask to pray for their dying grandma, and another may want penuts with their lunch but are out of said nuts. Don't be afraid to pray. Believe it or not, God loves it.

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If y'all would pray formy cousin my family, that's be great; died recently, our foster kid is leaving us after we were told there was no way that could happen, we thought we were getting two new kids, but the stupid government likes to be in control and say "Oh no, we've changed our minds because we can" and we've just had tons of stress...thnx
Praying Lexi!

I'll pray for you Lexi.


I have one. A friend of the family I'll call Professor X needs a LOT of prayer. His father died a few days before Christmas, and he's had a slew of other personal problems this year.

I'll pray for him.
Would you guys please pray for a sister of mine? She's not really doing well in life; she has a little girl, but she's by herself when it comes to raising her. Her boyfriend is a jerk; he recently got drunk and beat on her. Please pray for her, thanks.
oh, thats awful. i'll pray.
Thank you.
of course
Another prayer request: My mom is over in the Tri Cities area, visiting some relatives, and she's going to be driving back over White Pass hopefully tomorrow afternoon. With all the snow on the roads, I would be very grateful if you would all pray that she makes it home safely. :) Oh yeah, I'm going to have two neices born this Febuary, pray for them too. Thanks.
will do.
Thank you. SHe made it back safely. :)


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