Everyone needs prayer...kinda like everyone needs Chocolate only more. Food for the soul:) Please note there is no such thing as a dumb or less significant prayer, someone may ask to pray for their dying grandma, and another may want penuts with their lunch but are out of said nuts. Don't be afraid to pray. Believe it or not, God loves it.

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I'd like to ask for prayer for a friend of mine. I don't every little detail, but he does need it. I would ask you pray for his protection.

Today was a really bad day at school for him. When you think of "bullying" you don't think about stuff like that. I won't go into details(mostly because I don't remember them) but he was getting beat up(badly), teased, mocked, and put down constantly.
Recalling previous conversations, it sounds like this is almost routine, although not to such an extreme.

Typically I support more of the "fight back and punch the guy in the jaw" approach, but this seems different. I care about what's happening with this guy.

He is an atheist, so don't only pray for protection…pray for more.

Oh dear! I'll be praying. Poor guy.

Hey, guys,

I don't mean to sound selfish, but could you all pray for me? Something big kinda happened, and I'm really depressed about it.

I'll pray for you, Bladebearer, and I hope that everything works out. :)


I guess you guys can guess since I've been on here more. I lost my job about a week ago. Things haven't been getting much better.

Oooh. Blame Obama. Will keep praying for you!

Thank you

I've got a friend I've known since elementary that's severely gone off the deep end and turned completely against God and is the most unstable person I've ever known. I hardly can even talk to him anymore. Could really use some prayer for him in his life, and for me for wisdom in this.

Prayers headed your way.

Please pray for us. Our grandaddy just passed away tonight. He was really sick, and we were told a week ago that he had 60 days left to live. Turns out it was even less than that. We are all really hurting right now. He lived a full life. Even lived to be a great-grandaddy. His wife died about 7 years ago. Tonight he gets to be with her again. I'm going to miss hearing his stories when we go to visit and his hugs. At least he's in a better place.

Hello...I'm afraid not many people know me, but as an old timer here I thought I'd reach out. My heart has been tampered with by my own hands and I feel as if I thrusted a bloodstone back into my chest and the wound refuses to heal. Also, I am hesitant to take it out as it would kill me and wound many someones close to me. Words of prayer on behalf of my plight would be gracious and much appreciated.



Prayers heading your way.


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