Has there ever been a time when u pray and God answers ur prayer right away?Has he ever answered it 1 year after?Has God ever spoke to u directly?Once there was thunder right next to my house.I was really scared so I decided to pray.I prayed that if it was God's will that He would protect us.Right after I finished praying...the storm had completely stopped.I really grew in faith that day.Sometimes even the little things can show God's greatness!
So,what's ur experience...

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mine was very recent:

My mom's back was hurting so bad that she was crying.  It was time to go to bed, but I couldn't shut my eyes longer for 5 seconds, so I prayed really hard for her to get better.  Now she's still hurting but much better.  Thank you God!

wow! I hope she's doing well. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!

God answers my prayers when they fit perfectly! Its pretty amazing when he does!  Either a year away, a day, or one  minute away! 

I know right?
Just today my sister, my friend and I were playing a card game, when my friend suggested playing poker. Not with money, but with candy. The candy part I was OK with, but the betting part I wasn't sure if it was a good idea. So I prayed to God, asking him what to do. Just a little while after that, my sister called my dad because she knew that I wasn't OK with it (and for some reason it bothered her). After giving me the phone my dad said that he didn't see anything wrong if we used candy, and that God gave us all a conscience, so he said I could play, but if it still bothered me, I could walk away.
We never played though, which is a relief to me

Another thing happened today, but it wasn't as serious. We were playing 10, (also goes by Garbage) and I had everything except two cards, and I had a King, which was a wild card. I sent a quick prayer to God asking which card should I replace with the King. A little voice said the bottom card, so I switched them, and the card I flipped up was exactly what I needed in the other empty space!
Another one I just realized was something I prayed for a while ago. It started the day before the movers came. I was kinda worried on how things would work out, so I asked God for peace in chaos. The whole moving process went smoothly and I was strangely calm through it all. :)


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