Answer the question of the person before you, and write your own after. Like this:


Aviad: Q: How large is the U.S.A. debt?


Shizzle: A: $13 Trillion.

              Q: What was God doing before the creation of the earth?


Whoizzle: A: Nobody knowz

                 Q: What's up?




Get the idea? cool!

I'll start.


Q: How many of the Codebearer books have you read?


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what is the nastiest thing you've ever eaten?

A:Mud... ): 

Q: What is the best food ever?

nigerian beans

More old forums games, yay!


A: Stuff made from potatoes


Q: Do you like candy corn?

A:Yes, well... no. but yes. er, no. I dunno, its nasty yet yummy at the same time... 

Q:Do YOU like candy corn?

A: 2


Q: who is confused rit now???

A:Er, not me.


Q:  Is someone confused?

A: I am. lol at least about the forums...


Q: how do u kno when someone replys to u on talk? it just seems all jumbled up...

A: There's this little arrow to the left of their post going up to your's.

Q: Have you ever eaten a christmas tree?

A: Yup. With frosting, yum yummy.

Q: Do woodchucks chuck wood?

A: No.

Q: Have you ever licked the floor of a bus?

A: no wayy!!!


Q: what color is the sun?


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