Answer the question of the person before you, and write your own after. Like this:


Aviad: Q: How large is the U.S.A. debt?


Shizzle: A: $13 Trillion.

              Q: What was God doing before the creation of the earth?


Whoizzle: A: Nobody knowz

                 Q: What's up?




Get the idea? cool!

I'll start.


Q: How many of the Codebearer books have you read?


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*screaming in the darkness of your nightmares*

I rarely have nightmares. I mean I have bad parts of my dreams but most of my dreams a name into a story or a RPG.

Oh......Well, okay.

... Um.

Q: Find y in y=2x when x is googolplex

(Lol) A:Q: Is it raining at the time you are reading this question?

A: Yes (somewhere on this planet)

Q: what are you doing with your life?


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