The Sanctuary is for, and I quote "Open discussion of anything and everything related to the Codebearer Series".  Please note the emphasized parts. Apparently a lot of you read the "Open discussion of anything and everything" part and ignore the last bit pertaining to the Codebearer Series.  The Sanctuary is not for threads about Christmas, music, movies, games, or anything that does not concern the Codebearer Series. 

Therefore, if I do see threads on here that have nothing to do with the Codebearer Series, I will delete them immediately.

By the Authority of the Miller Brothers.

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*evil laugh* AND AGAIN!

Oh, great Royal Highness of the Seven Seas! I beg your deepest pardon! My actions were not meant to cause mental confusion or disorientation regarding grief. Please, from the bottom of my heart, forgive my sinful actions toward you this day. Thank you, my lady.

That better?


The essence of me is weird. Of course, my awesomeness overshadows it just a bit, and my awesomeness is overshadowed by my humbleness.

Bumping this thread up. It needs to be seen.



/Requesting Moderation Officer sticky ability to sticky this thread.


Means make it one that people see right on top I believe, such as the forum guidlines and such.

Good idea RWB, but there are only a couple issues with it, for instance, the site only allows 3 threads to be highlighted...I don't know why, it just is, and the three we have, are already highly important....

FienDX I'll just post here everyday.


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