The Sanctuary is for, and I quote "Open discussion of anything and everything related to the Codebearer Series".  Please note the emphasized parts. Apparently a lot of you read the "Open discussion of anything and everything" part and ignore the last bit pertaining to the Codebearer Series.  The Sanctuary is not for threads about Christmas, music, movies, games, or anything that does not concern the Codebearer Series. 

Therefore, if I do see threads on here that have nothing to do with the Codebearer Series, I will delete them immediately.

By the Authority of the Miller Brothers.

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Forget this post, I'm plastering my name all over the forum page.

This thread has nothing to do with the Codebearers series.

Nope.  It has to do with the Sanctuary.

Which has to do with the Codebearer series.

Which has to do with the Sanctuary.

Which is for things relating to the Codebearer series.


My name MUST be plastered over this forum at all times.


sorry, im taking over the forum page.

I'm doing it again.....

And again...

And once more...


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