The Sanctuary is for, and I quote "Open discussion of anything and everything related to the Codebearer Series".  Please note the emphasized parts. Apparently a lot of you read the "Open discussion of anything and everything" part and ignore the last bit pertaining to the Codebearer Series.  The Sanctuary is not for threads about Christmas, music, movies, games, or anything that does not concern the Codebearer Series. 

Therefore, if I do see threads on here that have nothing to do with the Codebearer Series, I will delete them immediately.

By the Authority of the Miller Brothers.

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You be needin' one of these " ' " wiff chur Aye's

Aye', mate! <--That better?

Aye' Mate!

Thanks, mate!


What anime do you watch?

None. I read anime comics. 


Watch subbed anime. It's like a comic, but you don't need to turn pages.



I am mad?

Are you?



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