To all our members -

After debating the issue for some time, the decision has finally been made to remove the "Inbox" feature (aka "private messages") from the Codebearers website. You will no longer see that option on your profile page.

Our goal is to have be a safe place for every fan of the Codebearers Series to be able to come online, learn about the books, get exclusive content, and interact with other fans. A lot of great friendships have begun here and we hope that continues.

For those of you who enjoyed contacting friends via the "Inbox" feature, you might be wondering "How do I stay in touch with friends now?"

The answer is: through wall posts and forums. If you are not aware, you can set your Profile page to be visible to "Friends" only to provide a sense of privacy. However, we are ultimately asking that be used as a place to share things that are safe and appropriate for everyone to see and discuss.

We believe this change to the site is an important step toward keeping this a safe community.

Via Veritas Vita!

Allan & Chris
The Miller Brothers

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I like the private messaging!
I think it is.
Mass emails was only a part of it. There were other problems with the system as well. Ultimately, we had to ask ourselves, "What is this site really here for?" In the end, we believe that Forums and Profile pages should be enough.

I can't find the message Hunter got in the first book and posted it online.  I have all the clues but I can't find it.  Please help.


Sadness, I liked the PMs.
I think this decision was amazing! I don't think it was incredibly safe for everyone to be able to contect everyone unmonitered.
We're not doing anything illegal! lol

I really agree with this decision! i think that Codebearers is fine without it.

Yeah, you're right, but I still liked them. :P

I'm kind of happy, after all I didn't really use it....
Well, too bad for you.
I guess you'll just have to find other ways to do that now.


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