This is about a group of boys from different cities who must team up and battle Mr.Soko and his amy of darkness. If not the world as they know it will be gone.

So Far: Shadow realized he was an elemental leader when his amulet fell from the sky.Since then Mr.Soko has been tracking them down with his own leader Siyki.But in the end Siyki and his guardians vanish without a trace.That was when Shadow and his guardians went to Taiken,where they found Fitch Shard the 2nd leader and his guardiians. But Mr.Aru (Mr.Soko's 2nd in command)came to battle with his army of creatures. End in the end Mr.Aru was no match for Fitch and his powers. Now both Shadow and Fitch plus company are heading to a new club when Shadow' s rival the BladeAngels appeear....continues on chapter 33.

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get posting! I'm gonna revamp my stuff.

                      Chapter 36:Return of the BladeAngels

       As soon as all the creatures were gone or exploded for that matter,Fitch and his guardians decided to bring Shadow plus guardians to a new club."Man,"began Damon as he stretched his muscles out,"that darkness must be desperate to destroy us every second.""What are you talking about?"asked both Cameron and Fade."It means th Mr.Aru must be working for Mr.Soko...Fitch do you feel the daekness pulsing underneath us?"asked Shadow as he glanced over at Fitch."Yep,"began Fitch just as his eyes made contact with Shadow's,"and it feels like it belongs to a new opponent."A powerful one too I imagine,"said Shield who was a few feet behind Shadow.


more please!

(continued from where i left off)

             Before anyone could reply to that comment,they heard music playing from a building at the corner of the street.So they quicken their pace and in minutes they soon found themselves standing infront of a large red brick building.The building itself was not tall but short and long.The front of it was all glass,except for the blue door that seem a little to big for it.It also had a sign on top of the building that read in big letters: MidnightGalaxy.This made them look at eachother with a confused look on their faces when Will suddenly says,"Uh you guys I think we have company." "What do you mean Will?"asked both Alex and Dephrite in unison."Look,"replied Will while pointing at a group of talking girls heading to towards them."Its the BladeAngels,"said Shadow quietly."Leader is right those are the BladeAngels,"explained Li just as Shadow's brothers gathered around Shadow."So what dp we do?"asked Fade."Protect Shadow of couse,"answered both Fukiko and Fukai with grins on their faces.Meanwhile the girls were too busy talking about Takara's dress.

            "Oh my,Takara you look stunning in your dress!"said Kayari as she gushed over Takara's party dress.The dress itself was a pretty red with soft black velvet straps that crisscrosses in the back.The bottom half was also red but with soft black velvet on eitherside.Takara also had on a necklace with an amulet in shape of a rose.Kayari and the others were also wearing dresses but in different colors.As the girls were getting closer the boys decided to stand their ground before them.At the same time Takara looks up to see to see Shadow with his friends plus new ones.Which then wiped the smile right off her face as they slowly got closer and closer to the boys.When they finally came face to face,a smirk formed on Takara"s face as she says,"Well,well,well look what the cat dragged in."

            Before Shadow could say anything Fitch was infront of him in a flash."Leave him alone,"said Fitch as his eyes narrowed."Who are you?"asked Alexis as she stood next to Takara."I'm Fitch Shard the leader from Taiken,"said Fitch as his guardians stood behind him."Big whoop,"began Natsume whose blue-violet dress sparkled under the light,"You don't suck more than loser thats standing behind you." "TAKE THAT BACK!!!!"exclaimed both Fukai and Fukiko." "I don't think so,"said Kayari smiling."Then leave our brother alone you big wussy,"replied Phantom with a smirk on his face."Hahaha I think you got that mixed up,Shadow is the big wussy,"said Takara while crossing both her arms across her chest."Oh really? Well prove it then,"said Will with a crooked smile."Well he sucks at singing and he sucks at making friends,"sneered Takara."Okay thats it,"began Shadow as Fitch and his friends moved out the way,"I don't suck at those things and you know it." "Oh this should be good,"said Roxie while leaning against the building."Anyways,"began Takara,"Me and my friends need to get going,but I'll leave a little something for you losers."After that Takara appeared infront of Shadow and punched him in the face.

           And to make things more interesting the other girls joined in to beat up Shadow! "LEADER!!!!!"exclaimed Shield and the others as they rushed in to save him.Soon after,everybody was standing on either side glaring at eachother."Back off BladeAngels,"began a voice from behind them,"you've done enough to my brother already." "Who are you?!"exclaimed Esther as she glances around her.To her suprise she saw a cloaked figure walking across the street towards them.When it reached them,it lowered its hood to reveal Seraphi underneath!"SERAPHI YOUR BACK!!!!!"exclaimed Shield,Phantom and Damon."Glad to be back you guys!"began Seraphi with a grin,"Whats been happening?" "Nothing much except we found the second leader,fought with the darkness again and now Shadow's old rivals are here to beat him up,"said Saphire as he stood up to dust off his pants."Well thats good, Whos the 2nd leader then?"asked Seraphi with a frown."I am,"began Fitch as he extended his hand towards Seraphi,"I'm Fitch Shard,the leader from Taiken." "Pleasure to meet you I'm Seraphi Riyki,"said Seraphi while shaking Fitch's hand.

            Meanwhile the BladeAngels were slowly backing away when they heard,"Where do you think your going?"So they glanced behind them to see Fukai and Fukiko blocking their path."Move out of our way,"threaten Takara."No way."said Fukiko angrily."Fine then we'll beat you up too!"mocked the BladeAngels as they surrounded Fukiko."Wait,why don't we do another singing contest?"asked Shadow as he appeared before Fukiki.But suddenly he was on the floor unable to move."Ha like that would happem,"said Takara while turning away with a flip of her hair.


wha't wrong with Shadow?

btw, awesome dresses.

can't wait to see how this turns out.

(Last part)

           "Oh come on you scardy cats,"began Cameron,"yeah thats right I called you guys scaredy cats!" "Nobody calls us scardy cats and gets away with it!"snapped Takara."Shadow are you okay?!"asked both Alex and Fade as they both pull Shadow to his feet.But as he got to his feet he gasped in pain and leaned against the glass before he fell again."SHADOW!!!!"shouted his brothers as they hurried over."Bro what happen?"asked both Damon and Phantom worriedly."T-the BladeAngels....they twisted my ankle....,"moaned Shadow."Its okay drink your speacial liquid,"said Shield as he handed Shadow bottle of the light blue sliver liquid."Thank you bro,"said Shadow as he took the drink from Shield.In several gulps he finished the drink and handed the bottle to Damon who then threw it away.

           Several moments passed before Shadow was suddenly surround by a soft light blue light.Few minutes later the light was gone and Shadow was back to his normal self with no twisted ankle."I think were done here lets go girls,"said Takara as she and her friends started to walk away.""Excuse me but didn't you forget something?"asked Li with arms crossed over his chest. "No of course not why ask such a silly question?"mocked Lyana as Madison and Ryoko snickered from behind."Then challenge us to a singing contest,"replied both Seph and Fitch in unison."Ugh fine,but if we win,we'll call you names and beat you up whenever we want,"said Takara with a sigh."Fine,but if we win you have to leave me alone deal?"asked Shadow just as he appeared in a flash before Takara.'Ha yeah right sure,' 'thought Takara before she said,"Deal lets go you guys." Then she led friends inside MidnightGalaxy."Okay are you guys with me or what?"asked Shadow."OH YEAH!!!!!!"shouted all of Shadow's guardians as they punched the air."Hey Fitch wanna join us?"asked Shadow while facing Fitch."You bet right guys?"answered Fitch as he looked at his friends."RIGHT!!!!!!"exclaimed Fitch's guardians in unison."Then lets go!!"said both Shadow and Fitch as they led their guardians through the entrance of MidnightGalaxy.

                                                             Chapter 37:MidnightGalaxy 

This is gonna be very interesting. Who's gonna win?

 the contest won't start til chap 41 but heres the next chap........

                                              Chapter 37:MidnightGalaxy

(First part)

           Once inside the building,everyone soon found themselves gawking at what was infront of them.Infront of them layed a glass tunnel with a curved glass top and a curved glass bottom.In the middle of the tunnel they saw a metal walkway with railings on either side.They were still gawking when they notice the BladeAngels up ahead.So they followed the walkway where it suddenly curves to the right.After the turn,they went down a steep incline that ended with another curve that went to the left.After the curve the guys soon found them selves gawking again.The metal walkway was still there,but the bottom was white and the ceiling looked like the night with stars all over.Up ahead they saw the BladeAngels entering through a sliver door outlined in black.This made them go one at a time acoss the walkway towards the door at the end.Once at the door,they open it to find a large blue circular desk postion in the middle with four people sitting behind it.Two of them were on computers while the other two were reading a book.Fitch then stepped up to the desk and said,"Excuse me."

            "Oh I'm sorry!"began a girl with pink hair and sliver eyes,who quickly closed her book titled:'Return of the Elemental Leaders'and came to the desk,"Hello my name is Azura Angel how may I help you?" "I'm here to check in for my reservation,"said Fitch as he motions for the others to come closer,"Okay name?"asked Azura with a smile forming on her lips."Fitch Shard and this here is Shadow Riyki from Skyya,"said Fitch while placing an arm around Shadow."S-Shadow R-Riyki is h-here?"stammered Azura."I'm right here,"said Shadow with a smile.Azura blushed deep red then fainted right before them."Ugh there shes goes again....Hey Azura wake up!"said a boy from one of the computers."Alright,alright I'm up,thanks Danny,"groaned Azura as she got to her feet.Danny,who has navy blue hair with blue eyes,sighed and went back to his computer.

              "Sorry about that you guys,now to go to the club just follow the walkway behind me okay?"explained Azura while pointing to a tunnel that was behind her."Got it thanks Azura,"said both Shadow and Fitch in unison."Ugh...I give up...stupid computer,"said the boy from the 2nd computer."Whats wrong Sebastain?"asked Danny as he stood beside him.Sebastain,who has sliver hair and blue-gray eyes,mumbled something under his breath and Danny nodded his head in agreement.Then Danny whispered something back to him,whch made Sebastain smirk in return."Okay will you just knock it off before I snap?"said the 2nd girl as she slammed her book on the desk."Sorry Lillian!"exclaimed both boys in unison."Oh brother,"said Lillian as she took out a mirror when she notices Shadow fo the 1st time."Hmm you must be Shadow Riyki correct?"asked Lillian."Yes,yes I am who are you?"replied Shadow."I'm Lillian Fire,"answered Lillian,who has brown hair with light blue highlights and light blue eyes.Lillian stared at Shadow for a little longer before she turns to Danny and asked,"Whats wrong with Sebastain's computer Danny?" "I'm not sure....I wish we knew someone who can fix it,"said Danny while placing an arm around Sebastain."I'll do it,"said Li as he stepped forward."Who are you?"asked Sebastain with a confused look on his face.


very interesting
Thanks I'll post the 2nd part up soon

(Last part)

            "I'm Li Iyaki one of Shadow's guardians,"said Li with a smirk."Hello Li I'm Sebastain Xyen,"said Sebastain with a sirk of his own."So whats wrong with your computer Sebastain?"asked Li as he headed over to Sebastain's computer.Just as he sat down,Li notice that the computer had two screens instead of one."Its not working right thats whats wrong!"explained Sebastain  before he collasped in a chair beside Li.Li then flexed his fingers just as a long blank box appeared on one of the screens and started typing.Once he was done he pressed enter and both screens turned off to start rebooting normally again."You fixed it thank you!"exclaimed Sebastain while pulling Li into a hug."Hmm...hey Li how would you like to trade places with Sebastain and come work here with us?"asked Danny while looking at Li."Sure,whynot?"said Li with a big smile on his face."Wait! Li are you sure about this?"asked Shadow as he grasped Li by the shoulders."Yeah I am,sorry leader,"said Li as he lowered his head.

                 "Well just know that your my back up guardian okay?"said Shadow."Really?!"exclaimed Li while looking up at Shadow."Yep,"replied Shadow with a grin."I won't let you down leader I promise,"said Li while stepping back and holding out his hand."You better or I'll send Fukiko after you in a flash,"said Shadow before he grasped Li's hand to shake it."Yep I'll be after you in a flash,"replied Fukiko just as he appeared beside Shadow.After that the other guardians came up to Li and either hugged or high-fived him.When they were finish,Shadow turned towards Sebastain and said,"Welcome to the team Sebastain Xyen." "Thank you leader...I think,"said Sebastain while scratching the back of his head.At this Shield and Damon appeared on either side of him while Shield says,"Don't worry Sebastain our brother is the best leader we have right Damon?" "Right Shield except for those BladeAngels,"said Damon with a frown."Ugh...don't remind me bro,"sighed Shield."Who are the BladeAngels?"asked Sebastain with a confused look on his face.

                   "The BladeAngels are our old rivals who like to beat Shadow up and like to think they're better than us,"replied Saphire with a frown."Are they better than you guys?"questioned Sebastain."Of course not!"exclaimed Fukai."We are better than them thanks to Shadow here,"finished Fukiko while placing an arm around Shadow."Anyway shouldn't we be going now?"asked Phantom who appeared on the otherside of Shadow."Your right,Shadow we need to be going now,"said Fitch while he and his guardians headed for the pathway."Okay! Lets go you guys!"said Shadow as he headed to the pathway with Fukiko right behind him.

                   "AAAAHHHH!!!! WAIT UP LEADER!!!!"exclaimed the rest of the guardians as they hurried after Shadow.Now once inside the pathway they realized one was too dark to see anything! "Uhh you guys...its too dark in here!"complained Daphrite as he trired to feel around him."YEAH I AGREE!!!"exclaimed Fukiko,Alex and Fukai in unison.Before anyone else could complained,they were suddenly standing infront of a red door outlined in purple."...That was...quick....,"said both Shield and Damon in unison.Shadow and the others nodded their heads when they see Fitch motioning them to follow.So one by one they went through the door to see a small black desk infront of them.At the desk,two girls were putting away menus when one of them notices Fitch and company."Oh hello! Welcome to MidnightGalaxy.How many?"said the 1st girl with the green hair and yellow eyes."Seventeen,"replied Fitch with the best smile he had."Okay name?"asked the girl named Ryuri with a smile."Fitch Shard,"answered Fitch as his face changes to boredom."Oh! Found it!"began Ryuri while grabbing a bunch of menus,"Please follow me."Ryuri then led them down asome stairs,which opened up as the firsr section facing a huge stage in the back.

                                                         Chapter 39:Reincarnations

how Li likes his new job.


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