This is about a group of boys from different cities who must team up and battle Mr.Soko and his amy of darkness. If not the world as they know it will be gone.

So Far: Shadow realized he was an elemental leader when his amulet fell from the sky.Since then Mr.Soko has been tracking them down with his own leader Siyki.But in the end Siyki and his guardians vanish without a trace.That was when Shadow and his guardians went to Taiken,where they found Fitch Shard the 2nd leader and his guardiians. But Mr.Aru (Mr.Soko's 2nd in command)came to battle with his army of creatures. End in the end Mr.Aru was no match for Fitch and his powers. Now both Shadow and Fitch plus company are heading to a new club when Shadow' s rival the BladeAngels appeear....continues on chapter 33.

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i want more added to this!

(Part 3)

"Ugggh,"moaned Iscariot slowly opening his eyes.
"Easy there buddy,"said Jett touching Iscariot's shoulder.
"Who are you?"asked Iscariot.
"I am Jett Rivan,"greeted Jett.
"Zeth Rivan and he is Rumor Claythe,"greeted Zeth while pointing to Rumor.
Rumor nodded his head in greeting.
"Nice to meet you all...wheres Phantom?"asked Iscariot.
"We don't know,"said Zeth.
Iscariot moaned again as he sat up.
"I think i know where it is,but we might need to hurry,"he said looking up at Rumor.
Rumor held up a note that read:
'Where too?'
"WinterRose,"replied Iscariot struggling to get up.
The Rivan brothers quickly helped Iscariot to make sure he was steady on his own feet.
Rumor soon had a large puddle of ink under their feet as words changed on his note:
'Here we go!'
The four of them were suddenly sucked into the puddle,which disappeared seconds after.
Meanwhile back in the ally a girl with long mint green hair knelt beside her Rookto touch the Freeze Over bullet.
With a tug,the bullet was out allowing the wound to heal.
She also pulled out all the embedded note stars as well when the sound of metalscraping caught her off guard.
The sirl then sighed quickly touched the sword she stole at her side.
She and Rook had stole it from Iscariot the Shadow Prince.
Scooping up Rook,the girl rested him in her arms while heading back the way she came.
Then she disappeared like that at the entrance of the alleyway.

finally!!!!! interesting. most interesting.

now i remember the girl's name its Lithium...i forgot it when I was writing this -_-'

how could you forget that!?!

I have no idea -_-'

I have forgotten a few of my characters names...

(Part 4)

They soon appeared in WinterRose where snow is falling all around them.
"Is this the place Iscariot?" asked Jett looking at their injured friend.
Iscariot stumbled pass them with a short nod then lead the way down a sidewalk.
Rumor walked alongside him, Jett plus Rivan took up the rear.
They soon reached a little cottage that looked somewhat abandon.
"What is this place?" Asked Jett looking at the cottage.
"Its leader's childhood home," answered Rivan for Iscariot.
Iscariot closed his eyes when a sudden pain brought him to his knees.
Rumor joined him on the ground before touching his back.
"We need to find Phantom,"Iscariot said to the Ink Prince.
Rumor held up a note: 'See if you can sense it again Iscariot.'
Iscariot painfully got to his feet with help from Rumor and started walking again.
His sense got stronger when he plus the others arrived at a abandon factory.
"Its here," said Iscariot.

(Part 5)

[Outside Factory]

Iscariot collapsed against the brick wall, his energy slowly leaving him.

Rivan brothers quickly settled Iscariot on the ground while Rumor held up a note that read:

’We’ll get your sword back Iscariot.’

Iscariot looked up at Rumor, nodded his head before trying to get his bearings again.

Both Zeth and Jett helped Iscariot into the factory after their leader.

Rumor held up his hand to stop and listen.

Soon they heard Lithium’s voice plus the croak of Rook’s.

”Don’t worry Rook we’ll get our revenge.”


That was when Rumor,Jett and Zeth jumped in with their weapons at the ready.

Lithium smirked as she turned to a slab of stone to place Iscariot’s sword on it.

”You finally made it....but your too late!” Says Lithium as she hammers Iscariot’s sword to dust.

Iscariot fell to his knees feeling pain of his sword being destroyed.

(Part 6)

Rumor’s eyes flashed red as a Ink puddle appeared on the floor by his feet.

Then his sword started coming out of the ink hilt first.

Rumor grabbed the hilt before he aimed the blade at Lithium.

Second later a note appeared in front of his teammates that read:

’Zeith, Jett save as much of that dust as you can... I’ll distract them!’

Jett plus Zeith got to work while Rumor distracted Lithium first follow by Rook.

Iscariot held the pouch close to his chest when both Zeith and Jett were done scooping up the shimmering dust.

”Come back to me Phantom...please,” whispered Iscariot as he shed a tear into the pouch.

When the tear landed on the dust, it started glowing softly then brighter by the minute.

Iscariot watched in amazement as he sword started fixing itself before slowly coming out of the pouch.


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