So this is a game where we make up silly rules of some random playground. I'll start:


Absolutly NO projectile vomiting

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No wrestling in the snake pen.

If you are going to ride camels on the whirly-go-round, always wear a half chewed on pencil in your ear lobe.


No ice cream trucks allowed, only ice cream camels.

Like they do in the middle east.


All Rapping must go on for a minimum of 14 minutes.

If any participants of a dance battle, while on the playground, preform the "chicken dance", they must automatically be deemed the victor.

The only exception to the chicken dance rule is if someone follows up with the macarena, In which case, those who danced said dances must battle over an intense game of rock paper, scissors to declare the victor.

Only Limburger cheese is allowed.

Must bring a dragon if you want to go on the really tall slide with all the bends

must let other people ride your dragon


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