Sharp, pointy objects and other weapons of mass destruction

Who doesn't love a nice sharp and pointy object?  Or something that makes a big bang?   Or a loud smash?  If you don't, then this is not the thread for you.  If you do, then obviously this is the thread for you.

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I'm a blade girl.
Who woulda thunk it?   I'm more of a big bang guy myself. dirty mind kicked in right there....

Me like







i prefer to stay away from guns.

blades are a more direct approach. razors, knives, swords, spears.

Yeah, those are all well and good...until you need to wipe out continents!

why would you want to do that?

i'd rather take the one on one approach. Nothing can take out that deathly impersonation than a good broadsword.

If your an evil person it's a very handy thing to be able to do.
i LIKE knives....
ooooooohhhhh!! i LOV DAGGERS/ KNIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
throwing knive's rock!!!
The majority is with knives, folks!  Cast your vote today!  Or don't, if you already have...


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