This is an RPG where we get to be snarks!! So, this is what will happen: We are sons/daughters of Boojum, and we have to go on a quest to find Narub Roin, a member of the resistance, who was captured and taken by the Shadow to their new slave camp, somewhere east of Dolor...


So, label your character like this:


name: (only first name) Jayden

gender: male (or female)

favorite snack: (this is vital, as snarks LOVE food) Pringles of all flavors

weapon: mini veritas sword (weapon is optional)

moods: exitable, hyper, bold

color: blueish green




ps: no photos in this RPG...unless you can find one!


Ready? Let's Go!!


P.P.S. I will also be Boojum, who will give us the mission explained above. And the other characters that are introduced.


SUNSTRYKER's character:

Name: Isabelline

Gender: Female

Favorite Snack: Anything coconut flavored

Weapon: cuteness

Moods: Quiet, soft spoken, shy

Color: Creamy white with pink ears, mouth, hands, and feet


ANDREENA's character:

Name: Pauley (pronounced paul ee)

Gender: Female

Favorite snack: Baked Lays

Weapon: A long Veratis pole with grips so she doesn't cut herself

Moods: Normal

Color: Light pink with soft brown eyes


MUSICLOVER200's character:

name: ali

gender: female

fav snack: ICE CREAM [ fav ice cream= cookie dough and cookies and cream]

Weapons: bow and arrow

moods: hyper exited happy caring

color: puple


EMILY's character:

Name: Ebony

Gender: female

Fave. Snack(s): BBQ chips, chips and salsa, and every kind of fruit

Weapon: her teeth and razor-sharp claws

Moods: hyper, friendly, and she's dangerous if she's made mad

Color: blacker than night


MEMAN (SONIC FAN)'s character



Fav snack: sprite!

weapon: a double-sided Veratis sword.

moods: if he can, he'll crack a joke, and can see the brighter side of things. if he has to much sprite (sprite rush is what i call it.), get away from him as soon as possible, unless you want to die.

color: the color of sonic the hedgehog! (but if he goes on a sprite rush, (which happens after he's had more than 1 can of sprite) he looks more like shadow the hedgehog.)


DK DUDE's character



food:fruits and nuts

weapon:ninja swords

clothing; ninja suit

color:redish orange


JAMAL SOLO's character

name: mustang

color: blue with white stripes down his back

gender: male

favorite snack: goldfish

weapon: he chews his goldfish to knife blade sharpness and hurls them at the enemies

moods: silly, hyper, and if he eats exactly 74 goldfish in 39 seconds, he falls flat on his back, burps, and spins through the air, spewing the now sharpened goldfish everywhere (along with slime). He also talks like Boojum.

other: he has sound effects


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the pleasure is all mine. THIS IS AWESOME!!!

Nick shrugged

Ebony freed Ali before replying.  "We go back down the hall by the board again."  She said.  "If I remember from my dream, our friends aren't too far ahead."

"lets go then!" nick said while running to the hall. 



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