After the finding of the Lost Crown,the oracle sends Rhage and his Royal Guard on their second quest. In the territory of Rfhre Castle Kashrev the Battle of the Princes and their Royal Guards is underway. Meanwhile Rhage plus his Royal Guard are on their way when a rival prince challenges Rhage to a race.Rhage was about to accept when Fthym (dark fae) capture him then brought him into the territory of DaeLim where the Castle of DaeLim stood.

          But Rhage,being the Unknown Prince,had one last chance with the oracle,who told him that the Dark Fae (Fthym) Prince will die if he does not save him. With another rival prince on his back,his Royal Guard lost in the forest,Rhage Vxerz has to try to save another prince,who may have stolen his heart. Will Rhage succed or fail the quest for the Crown of Eryi?


Rhage Vxerz (Unknown Prince)

Unseelie Red (Dark Fae Prince)

Jagger Hal (Captain of Unseelie's Guard)

Scarlet Ason (Second in command of Unseelie's Guard)

Demin Coset (Rival Prince)

Blood Fyric (Rival Prince)

the Oracle-



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Unseelie is the Prince of DaeLim so he has a spare set while Prince Blood has the first set.

Ah, makes sense now. :) I forgot about that.

okie dokie

MJ: Denim Closet has struck again.

Tourai: Demin Closet?! *doubles over laughing*

(Last part)

Rhage slowly opened his eyes to see warm glowing amber eyes meet his.

Unseelie smiled at Rhage then lightly brushed a bang off his forehead.

Rhage felt the touch and shuddered.

"What happen to you Prince Rhage?"asked Unseelie.

"How do you know my name?"asked Rhage.

"Your Frozen Scar,"replied Unseelie touching it now with a caress.

"Who are you?"asked Rhage as a blush started to appear.

"I am Prince Unseelie Red of DaeLim,"answered Unseelie now smiling.

Rhage tried to smile back only to moan in pain.

Unseelie heard the moan then within seconds,he had Rhage up in his arms.

Slipping through the cell door,he quickly crossed over to his cell where he slipped inside.

Once both doors to either cell was closed,Unseelie settled Rhage on the small cot in the corner.

That was when Unseelie notices the bandages on both of the arms,appearing as if they were both broken.

Other bruises slowly appear on the chest,on both sides,including the stomach.

"What happen to you Rhage?"whispered Unseelie.

"Lets just say that nobody wants me to reach the Lost Crown of Eryi,"murmured Rhage,his eyes closed.

Unseelie clenched his fist before getting to work on the bruises.

poor rhage....

Unseelie:*sad yet angry*

i really want to hack this story so bad!!!!

Chapter 2: Lost Crown of Eryi (Part 1)

"What you mean by nobody Rhage?" Unseelie asked quickly healing Rhage's body.
Rhage groaned in agony as he tries to speak.
"Princes Blood and Demin plus their guards are after me, but my guards are now separated from me."
"Then I'll gladly join you on your quest if you accept me with my personal guards included," offered Unseelie getting down on one knee.
Rhage stood up from the cot teetering slightly as he offered Unseelie a warm smile.
"I will be honored if you joined me on my quest Unseelie,"he said.
Unseelie got to his feet to assist Rhage out the cell to the entrance of the dungeons.
But seeing the doorknob rattle, they slowly moved into a dark where a stone staircase happened to be.
With one hand on the wall,Rhage guided himself up the staircase, Unseelie right on his heels.
Door to the dungeons crashed open as a squad of guards rushed in, all holding sharp spears.
Rhage followed by Unseelie quickened their pace before any guards spotted them.
"Hope my guards are okay,"murmured Rhage to himself.


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