In the outskirts outside of a small city named Isatas in the Kukiko Territory was a crumbling tower. Within this tower is the Unknown Prince. In other parts of Istas,other people are summoned to the tower,where they meet the oracle.With the Unknown Prince freed,he plus his guard venture to the Eryi Mountain that holds the Lost Crown.But the oracle sends them to the next quest in order to succeed the crown.Are you read to start the adventure of the Unknown Prince and his guard?

Profile info:


age: (13 - 20)

gender: (male or female)


guard: (Prince Rhage's or Prince Aero's)





Positions (both Good side and Bad Side):

Here are your choices for positions when you do your profile-

2 One Eyed Spies (One open on Good one on Bad)

1 Forgotten Thief

2 Forgotten Princes

2 Rebels (2 open for Bad side and one for Good side)

Twin Archers (got 1 down for Good side)

2 Mismatch Eye Warriors (One for both sides)


My Characters-

Prince Rhage Vzerx


gender: male

bio: is found chained in a basement of a crumbling tower.He wants to find the Lost Crown to become a better prince.

weapon: twin swords


Prince Aero Sravis


gender: male

bio: To destroy Rhage and his guard before they could get their hands on the crown of Eryi. He also loves being in control of Istas.

weapon: twin swords



age: unknown

gender: half female/half male

bio: appears to Rhage and his guard to help him on his quest to seal the Lost Crown of Eryi. Helps with the supplies and will protect the prince till the very end.


Blaylock Rhev-


gender: male

Guard: Rhage's

position: One Eye Spy

bio: escaped his foster home to be apart of Rhage's Guard that is now his life.


Alleyway Cesis


gender: male

Guard: Aero's

position: One Eye Spy

bio: unknown


Your Characters-

WhiteAngel's -

Name: Esmeralda, but people usually call her Esme (Es-may)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Position: Archer
Guard: Rhage's guard
Weapon: Her special bow an arrows. The bow can hear her voice and when it does it activates the arrows special powers (aka fire and explosive) and starts to glow white, all she has to do is say goodnight and the bow will stop glowing white and the arrows will go back to normal. She has three types of arrows, normal, fire, and explosive. The fire and explosive arrows wont work unless the bow is activated.
Bio: TBD (to be determined)

Name: Shae
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Position: Forgotten Thief
Guard: Areo's guard
Weapon: Gun in pic
Bio: TBD

Falling Star's-

Name: Alinah Fujiko

Age: 18

gender: Female

Position: Mismatch Eye Warrior

Guard: Prince Aero's

Bio: Alinah has been obsessed with Prince Aero for years. She worked hard to strengthen her powers until she became part of the Prince's royal guard. Her magic, enhanced by the power of her Crystal Scepter, has served Aero well over the years, but he has never shown any reciprocation of her feelings.

Weapon: Chrystal Scepter


Name: Zilah Kivuli

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Position: Forgotten Thief

Guard: Prince Rhage's

Bio: An orphan from an early age, Zilah grew up on the streets of Isatas. Seeing the darkest side of the city, Zilah has always been distrustful of Prince Aero's reign.

Weapon: A one-handed sword and concealed throwing knives and needles.



Name: MJ Ekalb

age: 18

gender: female

position:Mismatch Eye Warrior

guard: Prince Rhage's

bio: TBD



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"Can you blame me?" Zilah asked defiantly.
"I can,"snorted Blaylock.

Zilah fixed Blaylock with a cold stare. "You expect me to just accept and trust the word of a boy I just met?!" She asked incredulously. 

"Hes been a prince alot longer than you think,"retorted Blaylock.

"I don't even know if he's really a prince." Zilah pointed out calmly.

"Thats because you never saw his mark!"challenged Blaylock.

"His mark?" Zilah asked skeptically.

"My birth mark that lets people know im a prince,"replied Rhage not looking behind him.

"Right…" Zilah said, clearly not convinced.

Both Blaylock and Rhage rolled their eyes to eachother then galloped on ahead to the looming mountains.

And you wonder why I don't trust you. Zilah thought. You say you have proof, but then you don't show it. She was not the slightest bit ashamed of her skepticism. On the streets, gullibility could get you killed, or worse.

Rhage stopped his horse when they finally reached the archway to the mountains just as Oracle reappeared.


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