Hi guys!! I'm new and i just wanted to meet some fellow Code Bearers.

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You cruel monster.

She is long gone. This was like 2010 or something on the old CB site.

Hi Abby welcome :)
I have only seen the first one, i was very hesitant about the second one because of the guy who trained Hiccup. But i loved the first one!! Its so funny!! :p
Ok, thanks!! Maybe i could see it soon!!
You really should. I like that movie sooooo much!!!!!!!! In my opinion, everyone should get to see it.
Hey! I'm Nikki. Welcome to the codebearers community. We really hope you enjoy it.
Welcome to Codebearers!

Hola. Zhadow reportin for duty! I'm the weird one. Just ask anyone not on this site lol. I act calmer on here.

Well you haven't seen me in person lol


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