Star wars the clone wars bounty hunter quest RPG

A group of bounty hunters has been assembled on Geonosis (those bounty hunters are you guys and me, that play this RPG) by the sinister Count Dooku. Their quest is to find a Jedi who is on Geonosis and is supposedly trying to find out the separatist's plans and where they will strike next. Tryearus is going to lead this operation.

Things that you should know:  

This RPG is a clone wars RPG, if you have not seen The Clone Wars TV show it might be a bit confusing. And if you have not seen any of the Star Wars movies (that means Star Wars episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) you can not play this RPG. If you have not seen all of the Star Wars movies but you have seen one of them or so, then you can play this RPG. It is best to play this RPG if you have seen all of the Star Wars movie and a fair bit of the Clone Wars TV show. And your character starts in a building where all of the bounty hunters are.

The times that I will probably be on CodeBearers:

Week days, not weekends or past 4 PM.


1# No controlling other people's characters.

2# No foul language.

3# No killing other people's characters.

4# No being all powerful.

5# You must post once a week at least, (please post lots) if you do not post for more then a week you will be given a warning after I have give you a few warnings if you still do not post I will probably kill your character.

Ideas for your characters:

1# A Dug (Sebulba's kind of alien)

2# A Human

3# A Karkarodon (Riff Tamson's kind of alien) 

4# A Rodian (Greedo's kind of alien) 

5# A Trandoshan (Bossk's kind of alien)

And you can be any other alien from star wars that is humanoid.

Aliens you can not be:

You are not allowed to be a Duros, (I think that is what they are called one of Ban's kind of aliens anyways)You are not allowed to be a Duros because one of my character is one.  And you are not allowed to be an Umbaran, (an Umbaran is kind of like a human but fairer and no hair.) You are not allowed to be an Umbaran because another of my characters is one. And you are not allowed to be an alien that is not humanoid, (that means you can not be an alien that is like a Tauntaun or a Reek,) and that's about it.

How to make a characters:

Name: (You can have a last name if you want)

Age: (from 16-39, it is best if your character is in his or hers 20s or 30s) 

Gender: (male or female)

Species: (Look in the ideas for your characters to get ideas if you want)

Description: (Pleas use a pic if you cannot find one I may be able to help)

Weapons: (pic if you want, or just describe it. and no Lightsabers)

Bio/Personalty: (Do not write everything about your character so that there is room for improvement) 

My characters:

Name: Cois Vantross  

Age: 34

Gender: male

Species: Duros


(he would look like the closest one but his skin color would be turquoise, and his hat would be black, and his left eye would be robotic kind of like this. 

Weapons: blaster pistol (silver pistol with a small scope) and a sawed off shotgun (short silver gun with a square barrel)and a sniper rifle (silver rifle with scope that can be taken apart)

Bio/Personalty: He is very smart, and good with just about any weapon, 

Name: Tryearus clad

Age: 37

Gender: male

Species: Umbaran 


(but with bounty hunter clothes)

Weapons: two blaster pistol (black pistol with a small scope) and a blaster rifle (short silver rifle) 

Bio/Personalty: Does not talk much, and is very smart.

Name: Count Dooku

Age: Unknown 

Gender: male 

Species: human 


Weapons: Lightsaber

Bio/Personalty: A former Jedi Knight who left the Order when he became disillusioned with the corruption in the Republic, Dooku is the public face of the Separatist Alliance leadership. Many see him as a charismatic politician, but he has in truth been corrupted to the dark side by Darth Sidious.

Your Character:

(I will pobably put your characters up on here after I approve of it.Oh, and for now you can only have one character)

Knight Rider's character

Name:  Wolffe Talrizzian 

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Human


There is no Dark Saber

Weapons/Armor/Equipment: Although he is skilled with all weapons, he uses two Mandolorian blaster pistols. He wears the traditional Mandolorian armor that has a jet pack with a missile mounted on it, just in case he needs some extra fire power. He also had guntlets on his arms that are equpped with a flame thrower and wrist rockets. Besides the armor he took from a Mandolorian he killed, he made another suit of armor for himself that is equiped with a comlink on his helmet.

Bio/Personality: He is a strong and tough person that is always ready for a fight. He never tolerates failure and he always gets his man whether they are dead or alive.

Rumor Claythe's character

Name: Japhet

Age: unknown

Gender: male


Species: human



Weapons: long shot rifle,dagger,and others

Species: human

Bio:personality: Learns easily and knows how to get the job done. He enjoys being a bounty hunter and wishes for nothing else. Hes smart,cunning and very trickly when he battles.


Serina's character


Name: Klisa Holster

Age: 16

Gender: female

Species: Galen

Description: Chocolate brown hair with wide gold lines in it. She ususally dyes them a slightly lighter brown like dark chocolate with streaks of milk chocolate. Gold eyes with narrow pupils like a cat's. Slightly pointed ears with sensitive hearing.

Weapons: Two hand blasters, a knife, a couple grenades, and she is slightly Force-sensitive. Not enough to be a Jedi, but enough so that she can sense where people are.

Bio/Personalty: She is basicly like a pinapple. Tough and prickly on the outside, (though blessed with potentially deadly beauty) and soft on the inside if anyone can get past her shell.

Zorio64 jenne's character

Name: Gordon 

Age: 25

Gender: male

Species: Dathomirian


Weapons: A clone commander pistol with a flame thrower on it and rocket launcher and a scope.

Bio/Personalty: Never vary happy and keeps to himself.


Giovanni's character


 Name: gman

 Age: 20

 Gender:  male   

 Species:  human


Weapons: a long shot rifle and a pistol

Bio: a good man and vary happy 


DreamWeaver's character


Name: Alegria tilli Mhonkeir. ale for short.




Age: unknown... best guess, 19.

Species: Twi' lek

Description: Has a decidedly sassy, "stand off, don't touch me" air. Has a secret crush on a jedi master who's name is unknown to her.  She is shocked when she is made an incredibely good offer by a distant relative of greedo to track him down and take his life, and nearly looses her own life in an attempt to decline it. Because of that reason, she's always on the run, but can occasionally stay more that a week or so with a group of bounty hunters in more descreet locations. She has many hidden weapons and pouches on her person, and you never when she'l pull out a blaster, death stick, or some other greatly feared device. Grew up on several planets, and spent two years as a slave. (She is a twi' lek after all.) Has many scars, bruises and traces from personal skirmishes. Loves to storm swin in her spare time.


Weapons: Webstar-34 blaster, (Stolen from a dealer on Naboo) Flame blaster, cord thrower, death sticks, dart thrower, and a backpack full of hidden "goodies"...

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I want to join. I like this show. Can I be a Mandalorian?

There I fixed the starting where it said ??????????? is going to lead this operation now it say Tryearus is going to lead this operation. Oh and you can be a Mandalorian but he can not look to much like Boba Fett or Jango Fett. If you want your character to have death watch Mandalorian clothes then they can not be blue or green. :D

Gotcha. Working on the pic now...

Oh, and if any one needs a pic you can go on to this link

okay, sweet.

I think I found one! How's this:

But he has more battle scars and armor and weapons.

Looks awesome! Now you just got to make a profile. :D

Okay, gr8. Working on it...

I REALLY WANT TO JOIN, but i have never seen the show! :(

Hey, Ezra :G have you seen the star wars movie? And if you want to see the Clone wars TV show just go on YouTube and search Star wars the clone wars season 1 episode 1. Or you could order the clone wars from a Library.

1: I have only seen VERY little of Episode I, probably only like 40 minutes! 

2: I can't rent the Star Wars cause my mom hates them!

3: I barely have internet, so i use my time on the internet very wisely! :(


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