Okay, so I was ready the above titled, when I stumbled across something interesting.

ησυς Χριστος Θεου (hard breathing) υιος σωτερ

(Ee-Ay-sues Krist-aus     they-oo                                          Hwee-aus soe-ter)

Meaning: Jesus Christ son of God savior. When you take the first letter from each word in succession, it spells:

ιχθυς = Fish


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That IS interesting. But I have a question.
You can read that?!?

Just a little bit. I'm learning. It's a new language for me and I'm just learning nouns and noun forms etc. Thsi one was easy to translate because it was all a noun and most of it was in the nominative (subject) case. Only Θεου was in a different form, as it was the genetive (possessive.) And basically all things possessive in Greek are "of so-and-so" rather than an " 's "

Ah. Okay.
I just use Google Translate. :p

Yup, that's what a smart person would have done;)

Always nice to hear I'm a genius. :p

Hey, never once did I use the term "Genius":P

"smart person" counts in my opinion. :p

oh wow! that is cool!

Yuppers. That book is actually full of some awesome insight. I wrote down a handful of quotes. For instance, he elaborates on first and second death to a point where it makes so much sense.


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