.      Last we heard of Rumor Claythe was that he was kidnapped by currently known bad guys the Immortals. But a new team has risen to the challenge with a leader that looks just like Rumor. A Drastic turn of events is happening at Achates Academy. And may not be for the better.

     Outside of Achates Academy, Rumor’s old rival is silently making his move in a house he has named PlayHouse. It will be full of horrors you’ll ever imagined. As this is happening weird dreams are happening to Avichayil of the Souls. Where she is once inside an old grand mansion, now covered in dust plus cobwebs. These dreams keep happening, but other things are happening in em. As evil is gathering in PlayHouse, Avi and her friends will receive help from an Elemental Leader, puppet prince brothers, a ghost prince, a marionette prince brothers, a changeling fire prince and don’t forget the Ink Prince including his look a like. Plus another rival who is only known as the Princess of Stuff Animals, has revenge only for Avichayil, steps out of the shadows. Add to that another artifact shows itself in a city that has disappeared ages ago that was named ‘Crysx.’ What are these dreams? What is the story behind the grand old mansion? What is Rumor’s old rival’s grand plan? What is up with the princess with revenge only for Avichayil? And whose voice is it that keeps calling to Avi at night for help? What is this artifact and why has it appeared in Crysx of all places?

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(Last Part)

[Achates Academy]

Rumor touched Reaper’s arm before signaling Goodfellow over.

”Avi I have an idea can you listen my princess?” asked Rumor gently.

”D-Did...you j-just talked? Goodfellow asked with his eyes wide.

Rumor nodded his head before replying, “When me and my brother are close we can, but it goes back to normal when we are far apart.”

Avi looked up at Rumor in shock, his voice...!

Rumor blushed when he seen Avi looking at him and rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.

”Oh Rumor so glad your back!” Miss Violet said happily.

Reaper quickly moved away from Rumor, so he could talk with his notes.

Rumor smiled at his brother’s quick thinking before holding out a note to Miss Violet:

Miss Violet do you think we could make a back up Souls team here at the academy?’

Miss Violet was surprised at first then started nodding her head excitedly.

”Of course, Avi is that okay with you?” She asked Avi curiously.

Avi looked to Goodfellow, who smiled, followed by Jett with a wicked grin on his face.

”I would like Jett to lead and for Goodfellow to be his 2nd for the Souls,” decided Avi.

Rumor held up a note for everyone to read:

 ‘Thaddius, Decker and Wicked will join too.’

GunnerStryker and Steele will also join too,” added Reaper.

Just then a voice replied, “I will also join too.”

Avi looked to see the Mirror Knight Sepraith striding towards them.

”Sepraith! What happened to your team?” Avi exclaimed.

Sepraith sighed and said,” We been disbanded, I think it’s time for me to join a new team.”

”This is all very exciting...but what about your team Rumor?” wondered Miss Violet.

Rumor thought about his answer before he held up a note:

Well...Avi just joined I also have my brother Reaper including his teammates Never, Near plus Ghost so far.’

Miss Violet nodded her head til an idea popped into her head.

”Maybe I can send a message to other academies to see if they can help us,” She said hopefully.

”Oh yeah we should definitely do that to see if they can send anyone to join the InkRebels,” agreed Avi.

[100 PlayHouse Court]

Pulling up along a long circular driveway, Jess saw a huge mansion that used to be white, but now became a dark grey.

”Welcome to 100 PlayHouse Court,” Mrs Lacey introduces.

Jesse scrambled out of the Hummer, the connection was to much to bear!

Zephyr followed after him, before standing beside him infront of the mansion.

”Jesse?” Zephyr asked carefully.

”Its...simply perfect Zephyr...simply perfect,” murmured Jesse so only Zephyr could hear.

Then he walked the steps and into the home.

Zephyr signaled the others to follow after Jesse, who was sitting on a tiled floor of a grand foyer.

Slowly tendrils of darkest red energy seeped out of Jesse to touch every inch of the home.

Zephyr smiled at Jesse before strolling back outside to talk to the waiting Mrs Lacey bout paperwork.

Chapter 3: Elemental Leader


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