Warning: this RPG can move rather fast at times so you might want to be checking on every day so we don't have to reexplain everything to you.


1. You can't be invincible.

2. You can't control other peoples characters by making them say, or do something without them giving permission.

3. You have to get my ok to start playing with your character(s).

4. If you get expelled that means that you can't play that character anymore.

5. You can't do something crazy like pull a huge rocket out of your pocket or turn into a dragon.

7. You're not allowed to make/play a human without special permission.

8. No angels, Zombies, werewolf, vampires or demons please.

9. Out of character you must speak in (parenthesis) or Italics.

I might add other rules so check back every now and then.

The F.B.S stands for Fantasy Boarding School and the title basically explains what is: a boarding school for any fantasy creatures. The school itself is about as big as a mansion and is surrounded by a giant, thick forest. Something like this:

but without the buildings around it and the main building would be white and the trees would be larger.

The girl's dorms are in a separate building to the right and the guy's are to the left. There's a lake off to the right of the school as well as a large meadow behind it. A magical barrier used to surround the school but it has weakened and isn't as strong as before. But just in case a human is walking through the forest, there's another barrier/portal that automatically transports them to the other side of the school without them knowing it, so no human is able to accidentally stumble across the school.

So far there is no limit to the amount of characters you're able to play but please don't have more then 10 or so.


My characters: 

Name: Miss Sarkatta Klure

Age: Unknown. looks about 38

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blond hair usually kept in a tight bun and soft pink eyes. 

Species: Unknown. Looks human, but can use magic to change appearance.

Personality: Kind most of the time but will be very firm when needed to be. Never shy.

Bio: No one knows much about her but they do know that she has younger brother that is a centaur, was adopted, and his name is Milo.

Other: She is the Principal at the F.B.S. 



Name: Learal Rusk

Age: Won't say but looks around 50

Gender: Female

Appearance: short white hair and neon green eyes.

Species: Healer elf

Personality: Strict but kind.

Bio: She training Celeste as her first apprentice. 



Name: Mr. Dodger.

Age: 2,098 looks in his early-thirties

Gender: Male


Species: Unknown. He looks Human and seems to live forever. He sometimes has the ability to teleport to people in trouble.

Personality: Changes everyday. (He's like a mix of Doctor Who, The Mad Hatter, and Jack Sparrow.)

Bio: As well as Ms. Klure no one really knows much about him. Might have had a wife but no one is really sure. He's a history/Mythology teacher

Other: He has a sword with an invisible sheath and when the sheath and sword make contact both disappear. Sword's appearance:



Krystalwing's Teacher

Name: Kylie Turner

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has brownish-blond hair which she almost always wears up, and blue eyes. She mostly wears blouses and skirts.

Species: Unknown, but seems to be human

Personality: Friendly, cheerful, and happy-go-lucky, but she can be stern if she needs to be.

Bio: Kylie doesn't know who her parents were. She lived with a very large family of elves, and began helping to teach the younger ones early on. Several of her adopted siblings attended the F.B.S. Kylie  absolutely loves her job as teacher.

Other: She is the English teacher.

My Students:

Name: Kaenger

Age: 315 looks around 16

Gender: Male


Black hair, black-green eyes and lightly tanned skin.

Species: Skayvor (Skayvors have four different forms: stealth form, natural form, beast form, and monster form.)

Personality: Quiet, mysterious, but can be friendly.

bio: His village was attacked by Alom and Jorunil when he was young and Jorunil erased his memories. But Kaenger's older brother Laethyn intervened before Jorunil could seal the memories off completely so over time Kaenger had seen weird, blurry pictures from his past but didn't know what they were. He was found after his memories were erased by a gang of Rangers who took care of him and taught him their ways. Later they dropped him off at the school for his safety so Jorunil's cousin wouldn't find him.  

Other: Only recently regained his memories so is still in shock at the lost of his family and friends. Usually wears dark greens, browns, and blacks with a cape.


Name: Kay

Age: 16ish

Gender: Male


Species: Shadow (They can disappear in shadows at will and usually have a Shadow wolf as a companion.)

Personality: Rarely trusts anyone and likes to be left alone.

bio: Mom and Dad live far away and he has no siblings. His Shadow wolf companion's name is Nator.

Other: Shadow wolf appearance:

Name: Arianna Silzarien (goes my Aria or Ari)

Age: 16 and 1/2

Gender: female

Species: Akareen (various powers that include levitation and a few other)


Personality: Kind, friendly, somewhat secretive, and can be mysterious and quiet.

Bio: She was trained by highly skilled assassins ever since she was little but when she killed someone she knew that it was wrong and quickly ran away. She lived in the forest with a gang of travelers until she heard about The F.B.S, and joined.

Other: Was given the nickname Ace when she was with the assassins because she was the best at almost everything she did.


Name: Laethyn

Age: 326 looks 18

Gender: Male


Black hair, dark green eyes and tan skin

Species: Skayvor

Personality: Quiet, friendly, calm, and mysterious

Bio: He's Kaenger's older brother and he was sucked into Alom's mind when he was young, because one of his spells went wrong. But Alom and him were separated and he killed Alom.

Other: He doesn't get angry easily but doesn't really talk too much. Wears almost always black and grey.

Sunstyker's character:

Name: Celeste Mender

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Species: Fire mage/Sprite

Personality: Normally relaxed, go-with-the-flow; compassionate; quiet; occasionally violent temper, but it takes a lot to make her angry

Bio: Celeste's father is a fire mage, and her mother is a sprite (water fairy). Because of her mixed species, Celeste doesn't feel like she belongs anywhere. Her father works and lives in the palace of his king, while her mother lives in a sprite village. Celeste spent most of her life traveling between the two, until she began manifesting powers inherited from her father. He insisted she be sent to FBS. 

Name: Prince Arzhel

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Species: Human

Personality: A little spoiled, shy because he has a stuttering problem, usually serious because of his responsibilities, but has a great sense of humor that few see.

Bio: The only son of King Artan, Arzhel has inherited many of his father's responsibilities already. Despite being athletic, good looking, and rich, he has few friends and is very quiet. He hates talking, because he stutters horribly. He is very skilled with swords and crossbows, and a very protective person.

Other: Very lonely, but willing to put the needs of the kingdom before his own.

Krystalwings's Character:

Name: Kirien Anarel

Age: Around 50, but she looks like she's 15 or 16.

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has long, nut brown hair and green eyes flecked with brown. She typically wears greens and browns, with the occasional dark blue and silver thrown in.

Species: Elf

Personality: She is very, very shy, but if you take the trouble to get to know her, she really is kind and friendly, and has a good sense of humor.

Bio: Kirien's parents decided to send her to the boarding school for "socialization", because she doesn't have any friends at home. She is the second youngest of eight children, and never gets much attention. 

Other: Her favorite teacher so far is Mr. Dodger. She is also telepathic (meaning can talk to people with her mind and read minds,) but only reads minds if she really needs to, and only talks to people in their mind if she doesn't want to be heard. 


Emily's characters:

Name: Sahara 

Age: 342 looks 16

Gender: Female


Species: Glimpse (the name kinda gives it away, she can turn invisible and Glimpses can see through bright light very well.)

Personalities: Friendly, kind but shy sometimes

Bio: She's an only child, (that she knows of,) and her mother taught her martial arts skills when she was 6.  She seems to change often.  One moment she seems soft and vulnerable, but the next she's a tough-as-iron martial artist.  

Other: She's deadly with the Bo-staff


Name: Trenna Taeku, also known as T.T.

Age: 211 but looks 16

Gender: Female


Very long midnight black hair, deep green eyes and a scar above her brow that she hides with her hair

Species: Half human half fairy. (doesn’t have wings)

Personalities: Secretive, quiet but friendly

Bio: A year before she came to F.B.S. she was chased by things she calls ' nightmares ' and she came to F.B.S. to hide from them.  Her mother died for unknown reasons and her father's alive but she doesn't know where he is

Other: She's often found in libraries


Name: Kelsey 

Age: 16

Gender: Female


(With dragon wings instead of bird wings, orange eyes, and a dragon tail)

Species: Farem (control fire and have orange eyes and sometimes dragon parts)

Personality: Normal

Bio: She had a good school before, but the Kelsey heard of F.B.S. and wanted with all her heart to go, even though she knew the dangers.  It took a month to convince her parents to be OK with her going.

Other: She's a major crafter: from weapons to cooking, from cut-outs to machines 

Name: Troy 

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Species: Liver (he can draw things into existence, plus he's a natural with story-telling!)

Personalities: Very quiet, but not mean

Bio: Troy was a loner at age 14, but he was ok.  His parents were smart and strong, but they never expected a Liver for a son.  They kept him for as long as they could, until their military found out, and they demanded that he be sent away, which he did, fearing that if he stayed disaster would come.  He went to many places, but found it difficult to be comfortable.  He found F.B.S. and hasn't applied yet, but he's observing the students, coming in and going out now and then.

Other: Despite his looks and attitude, he's great with kids and other teens.


Satar's Character:

Name: Zach Henderson


Gender: Male

Appearance: Short Dark brown hair, 

Species: Half-Elf Half-Human

Personality: Trys to be friends with everyone talks alot

Bio: Came from a small home with 1 brother 1 sister but all of them died and know he is here cause his Aunt took him here cause she could not take care of him after a few month at F.B.S. his Aunt called the school and got him to come home and after awhile he came back with one of his German Shepherds.

Other: He has a bow and 2 swords and he has the skills of a Elf in bowmenship and he is skilled with His swords. Zach also has the ability to heal small wounds.

Mina's character:

Name: Ora Maple

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Species: Twitay (she can make clones of herself that are identical, but they sometimes have other personality's.)

Personality: Sad, tends to distance herself from people, very lonely but she keeps herself that way. She can be a bit dark and snaps if provoked.

Bio: Her parents had adopted her, but as soon as they learned of her powers they hated her and she was treated like an animal for years. Her parents learned of FBS and sent her away as fast as they could. Because of this treatment she has become much darker and sad.

C-Rae's character:

Name: Lydia 

Age: Unknown Looks about 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Has Medium long sandy blonde hair and Green eyes. Has lots a freckles and a tiny nose.


Species: Looks Human

Personality: Doesn't talk much. Curious. Very stubborn. 

Bio: Not much is know about her. All most people know is that she has 1 sister.

Other: When she talks, out of know where she usually says something about a girl named Johnzy.

Zhadow's Character:

Name: Alex Hart
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: No necklaces

Species: Half human half dragon
Personalities: Outgoing, likable, good with the ladies
Bio: After being kicked out of his town at the age of 10 for matters not to be discussed, Alex has moved from town to town, to city to city until one day a man told him about F.B.S. when he saw him use the dragon part of him to light a fire to keep himself warm while he slept. When Alex received this news, he had already been traveling from place to place for 5 years of his life. The man told Alex were to go and when Alex saw the school he backed off for a couple of months before walking up to the doors and going inside but that was two years ago.

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Kaenger woke up and realized that is was still dark. Something had woken him and he listen...Over the light breath of the other ten people in the room with him, was a soft a scraping sound: Something was coming down the hall way and it had claws. Kaenger turned towards the door and it creaked open. A hideous creatures stood in the door way. It clawed hand was gripping the door frame and it's skin was an oily black. Right as Kaenger looked into its eyes he was unable to move, and he couldn't look away from those glowing yellow eyes. He knew what the creature was: A Karop. It took a few steps into the room and didn't look away from Kaenger. It didn't notice that another student had woken up and was reaching for his sword.

Kay knew he had to detract the creature from Kaenger and fast. He drew his sword silently and creped toward the huge creature. He forgot about the squeaking floor board and stepped on it. cccrrreeeaaakkk. The Karop turned in anger and jumped with lightning speed at Kay. Instinct took over and Kay rolled out of the way and vanished into a shadow, hoping Kaenger was no longer paralyzed.
Kaenger gasped and almost fell out of bed. Apparently when you looked into its eyes you stopped breathing as well. He jumped to his feet and his bow was in his hands in an instant with a arrow on the string. The first two shots hit it in the arm and side. It screeched and everyone in the room was instantly awake. The creature jumped upon Kaenger and he felt its claws dig into his shoulder. But then it fell limp and Kaenger bit his tongue to keep from crying out.

Mr. Dodger was standing next to Kaenger and the now dead Karop. The moment the Karop let out the screech he was up and to the spot in an instant. He had killed it with a sword.

" did that Karop get in here?!" He scratched his head.

Celeste woke up to screeching. It took her a few moments to realize she was hearing it in her head, not with her ears. Celeste had the uncanny ability to sense pain, a useful talent for a healer, but not pleasant in the middle of the night. "Not again!" She grumbled as she crawled out of bed and got dressed. As the only Apprentice Healer at the school Celeste had to help the school nurse with just about everything, and that included midnight calls to the boys dorm. "Why can't they wait for daylight to hurt themselves?!" She wondered despairingly as she wrapped her cloak tightly around her and headed into the night.
"Mr. Dodger? Mr. Dodger, it's me, Celeste. Has someone been injured?" Celeste stood outside the boy's dorm waiting for the teacher to lower the magic field that kept girls out.
Mr. Dodger heard Celeste, pulled the creature off Kaenger, dragging it down the hallway, pulled it down the stairs, and to the door. "Ah, Ms. Mender." He said smiling. "Yes, you are correct. Kaenger he was attacked by this Karop and it got his shoulder." he added normally motioning to the dead creature laying next to him. He whisper a few words stroking the the door frame and disabled the magic field. "Up the stairs and the last door at the end of the hall. I'm going to dispose of this thing." He walked out the door but then paused and turned back to Celeste. "Would you mind telling Coach Thrend what happened." He walked into the darkness without waiting for Celeste to answer.

This is my first time doing something like this, but I'm looking forward to trying it out. If there's anything I need to know, feel free to tell me.


Kirien lay in her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She had only been at the school for a week, and was still adjusting. Sometimes she had a hard time sleeping. Then, without realizing it, she dozed off for a few moments.

Something caused her to snap awake. Sitting up, she realized that the bed on the other side of the room was empty. "What's Celeste doing up so early?" she wondered. She slipped silently out of bed, wrapped herself in a shawl, and left the room, slowly closing the door behind her.

Kay walked out of the shadow nearest Kaenger and crouched down. "Hey, you ok?"
Kaenger could feel blood soaking his shirt and winced. "I think so." He answered, pushing himself up in a sitting position with one arm.
btw some of the more dangerous creatures, like Morgroh, are in the lower levels of the school where they have there own room and aren't aloud to leave. 
Celeste didn't bother replying. She knew Mr. Dodger would already be gone. Following his directions she entered the boy's bedroom and began applying a poultice to Kaenger's shoulder and gave him an herbal brew to help clear the effects of the Karop's eyes.


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