Okay, so this will be a little like the Hunger Games, but with a super-powered futuristic twist.


In the year 3000, on the planet Crux, there lies an arena. Not any ordinary arena. A zero-gravity energy-pulsing force-shielded arena. Every 5 years, in this arena, contestants with extraordinary powers gather together to train and then battle against one another in one of the most suspenseful and dangerous Game series on the planet. The contestants train in two teams, or armies, this years names being the Gryffins vs the Phoenix. This year, which team will rise to the challenge and become the victor....? You decide.


1. You may control up to two characters.

2. Be realistic, fair, and respectful.

3. You may not control the outcome of other people's characters.

4. No "my character has invincibility, world domination, and every super-power in the world" type of thing, please.

5. No foul language or hints of it at all.

6.Once we have started, use italics or, if mobile, (parentheses) for your questions and concerns.

7. Have Fun!

Use this guide to create your character:




Power(s) (maximum of three, please):

Description of Powers:


Short Bio:

Phoenix or Griffyn Army:

That's it! Enjoy this RPG!

My character:

Name: Kard Regneva (Male)

Age: 18

Power(s): Shape changer, Shadow Matter, Power Mimicker.

Description of Powers: Changes shape to mimic other people, and can mimic their powers. Shadow Matter is when he can create an object out of shadow darkness and solidify it.


Short Bio: Kard was born in a regular family on Crux, all of his family with powers, and started training for the Games at an early age. Now, he hopes to gain the victory over the other contestants and grant his team the trophy.

Phoenix or Griffy Army: Griffyn Army.

Your characters:

BladeAngel's character:

Levi Wolfric (Male)
Powers:indestructible,frost and changeling
Description of powers: indestructible means he can get hurt but heals quickly, frost means he can freeze other people before they can attack and changeling has not been awaken yet.
Short bio: didn't know his parents when he was little but started training as his powers started to awaken. Now he is ready to help his team to victory.
Phoenix or Griffyn Army: Griffyn Army

CandyStars<3's character:

Kalor (Male)
Powers:Warping, domination of the living, create.
Description of powers:

Warping:Obviously, warping around to certain places, includes being able to warp constantly to the same zone(Hover)

Domination of the living:Pretty much says it all. Dominate a plant,person,animal,insect. Dominate their mind,body,soul,being,essence, the lot.

Create:Example: Creating a large sword to cut down a tree. (Either animated or Ob)\

Short bio: Basically the average lesser child type.
Phoenix or Griffyn Army: Phoenix Army.
Appearance:Exactly like me, of course;P Or do I need to describe...Hmfph. Medium length cinnamon brown hair, green-ish blue eyes, 6'2 tall, above average in muscle definition, usually wears dark blue jean-like pants, dark grey T-shirt, black facial mask, and usually wears small wrist gauntlets.

Comp 52's character:

Name: Zinsocis(zin-SO-sis)


Powers: Summoning; Able to summon either a human or a variety of creatures from an alternate dimension. Summoning a creature causes him(it?)to be weakened momentarily.

Possession; Able to possess any creature that he has summoned. It is not totally controlling, but is able to manipulate the mind of it's host, causing it to do things it normally would not, and possibly could not, do.

Bio: This creature is a parasitic slime from another dimension, hundreds of years old. It enters into the body through any means possible, then possesses the creature from the inside out, meaning that it physically looks darker and different. It is nearly indestructible, but has one weakness. Looks(and acts) kinda like the blob that creates Venom from off of Spiderman 2, but the weakness is different.

Side:Gryffon Army

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heres Levi's pic Daniel


okay great! I shall put it up.


Is that the nazi spy from FMA?

Ask BladeAngel.

No its not i found it off an anime site

Naw bro, domination is just like... let's say I dominated Daniel's mind, made him feel doubt, fear, anger, hatred, slowly leak away his life force, etc. 

Great example, Andy. :P

about two more on the Phoenix team.

i know this is late but may i join??

I will join Here is my guy

Name: Peeta 



Bio: He won the Hunger Games With Katniss

Weapons: Sword. Bow. Arrows. Two Knifes.  

team Phoenix

Can I join hears my character:

Name: Aaron 

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Powers: Phasing, Strength, Fire. 

Description of powers: Phasing He can go through any object, Strength strong, Fire he can make and control fire. 

Bio: He was raised in a normal family but his brother was killed, so he took his brothers place in the games.

Team: Phoenix 


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