Ha!  Zachary was a genius.  And I like stealing games.  Stole his description on this one to...

In this game you will ask a question (be it serious or pointless) and the next person will give a humorous answer, and the one that answered will ask his/her/its own question It can be any type of question, as long as it fits into the Who, What, Why, When, How categories.

Please no baited, or inappropriate questions. Violaters will get big words used on them by moderators and quite possibly blown up into billions of feathery ribbons. (I especially liked that part img src="http://www.bkserv.net/images/Tongue.gif"/>)


Why can birds fly but pigs can't?

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because the birds bought the pigs out of the airline companies.


Why does this dog never stop barking!?!?!?!?!

Because he doesn't know how to.


Why do leaves grow on trees?

Cause they can't grow money.


Why are the majority of candy canes red and white?

Cuz it wouldn't look right if it were white and red.

Why are baby animals sooooooo cute?

Because they learned it from the dreaded snark.


Why does Raven get turned into a rabbit and Robin into a monkey? IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!

Because Ravens always turn into rabbits since both their names have R's.  And Robins get turned into monkeys cause they can't turn into rabbits.


Why don't fish have to wait thirty minutes after eating to swim?

Because if they did they would then have to eat once again before going swimming.


How come everything is so frusterating?

because its life.



why are some people vegetarians?

Because people would rather deal with frustrating than hard.


Why does the Earth circle the sun?

Because of GRAVITY...


What causes gravity?

Apples, everyone knows that.


Why do apples grow on trees?

Because they got kicked off the orange tree. Apples and oranges never did get along all that well...

Why is Blue the favorite color of so many people?


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