Ha!  Zachary was a genius.  And I like stealing games.  Stole his description on this one to...

In this game you will ask a question (be it serious or pointless) and the next person will give a humorous answer, and the one that answered will ask his/her/its own question It can be any type of question, as long as it fits into the Who, What, Why, When, How categories.

Please no baited, or inappropriate questions. Violaters will get big words used on them by moderators and quite possibly blown up into billions of feathery ribbons. (I especially liked that part img src="http://www.bkserv.net/images/Tongue.gif"/>)


Why can birds fly but pigs can't?

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Because if they didn't say they liked blue the best, then the sky would fall on them.


If apples were oranges, what would oranges be?



Who was the first person to pick a flower?

One of the dinosaurs.

Who invented cheese?



Why do we write with black, on a white sheet of paper? Why not white in white on a black sheet of paper?

Because it would be racist to do so!


Why do new computers run faster then old ones?

I'm not racist, I have a colored TV in my house!


Because, because.... scientist discovered that if you make the computers smaller, and a lot thinnner, they suddenly have the power to run power. So therefore all the new comptuers, being all thin and such, work better than the old ones...?


Why do children (mostly boys), and such a bad habit of hitting people?

Who doesn't?


Because they wouldn't be happy if they petted them.


Why is Calculus so hard?

Because if it was soft, you could chew it, and it's not fit for human consumption. (You can feed it to your dog though.)


Who decides when software is achaic and/or outdated?

The chipmunks.  if they can't eat it, it's outdated.


Why do i have to eat dinner?

so you can get fat.


why do i sleep?

because your boss has to know when to call you to get your butt to work.



Why are pictures pretty?

Because if you didn't sleep then you would die of dehydration.


Why do we have to drink liquids?


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