Otherwise known as the Eragon books. Who's read them? Who likes them? Who hates them?

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I've read them, I love them, and I laugh at the movie.
Well I know you do. :P
I've read Eragon and half of Eldest, and I've seen the movie. I liked the first book okay. Eldest started to get a little too graphic for me...
Graphic? How so?
Well, remember when Roran's shoulder got bit by that...thing? A Ra'zac? Is that what they're called? Anyway, the author's description of when Roran was getting bit kind of grossed me out.  I pretty much stopped reading the book after that point.
How can you stop in the middle of the story!?

Well my dad started reading the books too, and he filled me in on what happened in the second half of Eldest and Brisingr. We're wondering what happened to the fourth book...   

So is everyone else who's read the series so far. It should be coming next year since it's already been like three years. All I can say about the length of time it's taken is that it'd better be good.
i've read all of them i loved it when eragon made his sword out of that star stuff or whatever third one i think areya should be the rider that gets the last egg that or roran

I enjoyed reading them, although I haven't read them particularly recently. I don't think Roran will hatch the egg. The point in the story was that he did so much without magic. I suppose Arya might hatch the egg, because you can't just have all human male riders. (Except he could, if he wanted, so...) I haven't seen the movie, but I heard it was rather horrible.

Freakin awful would be a better term.  If you've read the book.  I hear a lot of people who haven't read the book say they liked it, even though the thing is incredibly cheesy with or without the book...  I found a hilariously mangled quote from the movie, but, uh, this site is G, so...
What about the one where Saphira tells Eragon she can hear his thoughts, I can't remember how it went.


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