Hi guys,

some of you guys from the early days of the forum will remember me.


I decided to stop going on the forums because it became too overwhelming. 

Now that I have become involved on several forums as a part of my job I decided to come back. But I will try and not let it rule my life like it did last time. :)


So anyway, about me;

I graduated from homeschooling last year and am just about ready to send in my application for college next year. 


Most of my time is spent working at Brethren Entertainment/Game Samba (Different companies same people, same location, long story)


I also want to become a Vocational Filmmaker and use my talents to spread God's word.


I am a little of a gamer (board, RPG and video games)

A big Star Wars geek

And a general movie lover


See you guys around the forum and stuff.

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That fowl language!  You should be ashamed, Ed!
Yeah Ed! You should be ashamed of yourself!!
You guys seen Rio? It's from that.
I've seen that part in the commercial. ;P
same here.
Okay. It's pretty funny.

THE JELF IS BACK! But I don't think he's going get on codebearers...

Evil little bugger...and you can tell him I said that! ;P



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