I am thinking about writing some more stuff for this forum and thought it would be cool to write a little bit every day (or couple of days). I would make it up as I went along and see where it went. This would give me practice writing and fleshing out some of my ideas.


What do you guys think?

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I think I want that ninja story you were posting on the old site.  That would be cool.  What would you be writing about?

Well I was thinking of asking you guys.

If you guys really want me to write about the ninjas, that's fine. But I was really thinking about writing stories from Galactic Knights. That is where The Jelf thing came from.

Okey dokey.  Whatever comes easiest to you, cause that means more gets written.
i'd like to hear more of both. just please dont' jelf on us again?
I was trying to figure out how to phrase that, thanks Blade.

Yeah, sorry about that guys. I didn't realize that I had sorta become an icon.


I won't be on as much as before but I will try and be consistent.


Here's what I will do. I'll have people vote for a week. Whichever idea has the most votes I will write about. If two ideas are close I will write both of them.

1) The old ninja story. (I call them the Tesaki)

I will probably jump a couple years forward and skip most of the training but will explain what happens in a prologue/flashbacks.

2) Galactic Knights (GK) story 1. Taracyn - Warrior

I wrote several chapters for this for NaNoWriMo. It the story of a man with no past as he finds his way in the galaxy  and becomes the greatest warrior in the universe!

3) GK Story 2 - The Silver Blade

Times are desperate. A mysterious wizard has been assassinating the Jelves and a young boy prophesied for greatness has been caught in the struggle.

4) GK Story 3 - The Path of the Warrior

A young man lives in a remote village. His village is attacked and his sisters are kidnapped. He leaves in pursuit with

only a book and a sword.

5) GK Story 4 - The Journal of Jerain Brenovan

A soldiers personal letter to his family as he takes part in a campaign to push back the Fellbeasts.

6) Horror Slayer - Origin

My response to all the slasher/horror films. An unlikely hero is cleansed and given an amazing suit of armor. His past drives him to start a crusade against the most horrific evils.


Next Monday I will start writing. Should I write it as a discussion or as a blog?


Let the voting commence! Post your top three favorite ideas!



I vote for 1, 3, and 6.



maybe do one of each if a tie.

I vote for 3 and 6.

Um, I only have three votes.


Could a couple of you tell your friends or something about this?

I would like a little more info before I commit.


So far...

#1 -- 2

#2 -- 1

#3 -- 3

#4 -- 0

#5 -- 0

#6 -- 2




I vote for #1


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