Here is where I will post my story. Now please, I trust you all on here, but please do not steal my idea or quotes or the like... that is, if it turns out to be any good...Thanks:)

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I only have time for the first entry.
  December XVI, in the year of our Lord 1603, 9th month in the reign of king James. I am 14 years old born on January XII.
  I am taken by the plague. The physician has done all he can but I do not believe I will make it. If this be the case, I would like all my money (though but only 3 shillings
and a couple sixpence) to go to my loving sister who has  stayed with
me through all of everything despite the risks.
  I do not know how much time I have left, but I would like to mention one of the strange events of which have recently occured.
  In what I believe was two days ago ( I have lost track of time for my mind has become so boggy) a stranger arrived at our humble abode. He was bold in stature, had bright blue
eyes and dark hair. He was altogether quite comely. He wore purple
linens with a large sash that read something in what I believed to be
Latin, but could not  read it. This was probably because my eyesight is
diminishing slowly over the course of time. He brought with him a
physician, not half as comely as himself.
  The physician bled me once and told me to rest. HE has continued to do so for quite some time now and yet...I feel no better than before.
  The stranger who arrived has sat by me this whole time.
  I have lost my ability to speak as I have grown quite weak and*
*Here I trail off the page
I like the name.  i would give you something else, but I don't have gads of time currently.  But don't worry, I'll be back!
Good:) The title I just made up right when I copied and pasted it....the story that is
can't wait for more



I am assuming December XVII
  Much has happened since my last entry, so like many stories, I will tell this one from the beginning.
  When I was in bed, I suddenly lost control of my limbs altogether and started shaking feverishly.. Within moments of this occurrence, the stranger was upon me. He placed a hand Which was surprisingly warm yet cooled my whole body on my eyes. He began whispering something in my ear. I only recollect him saying something about "A glimpse" and "the future". At first I thought I must have been completely delusional because it sounded something like: "Young man! You ill goon! Be a glimpse of the future." I wondered what he meant by this and who gave him the right to call me a goon. Then he continued Ewes will bake a 400 ears of cow"? That confirmed it...definitely delusional. "You...don't...forw..." Then darkness consumed me.
    I awoke with a start by being bounced in the air. I opened my eyes in a very stuffy space. I though "If this is paradise...Well, I can't imagine Hades."  I attempted to lift whatever blocked my vision, knowing full well I was trapped in eternal darkness. But, to my surprise, it lifted.
   The first thing that my eyes met was a cloud of smoke. When it hit my face, it stung everything; my eyes, my face, And my lungs (this induced coughing.)
    I heard a "Wha-", then I lurched to the right and struck my head against something hard. I then lurched forward. Being careful to avoid further injury, I placed my hands above my head, only to have them hit equally as hard.
   I cried out in pain.
   I heard what sounded like the slamming of a metallic door; then a sudden burst of light consumed me. I saw the silhouette of a bulky man before I was roughly grabbed by the collar and thrown to the ground.
   I grabbed my now aching head and looked up. My captor was a large, roughly 7 foot, middle aged man with sunken in brown eyes, and wore an odd looking cap with the bill of a duck. This was probably there to hide his hair, or rather lack of it. But however much hair he lacked on his head, he made up tenfold everywhere else on his figure. I suppose this is the case for those who are getting older, all their hair leaves their heads and migrates to their chest, arms, and back.
  The cap of which he wore was dark blue and had an odd emblem that looked like this:
The design was blood red and the outside was black.
   "What made you think you could just hitch a ride on my truck without consulting me first?" He asked a little too loudly to suit my taste, or my throbbing head. "Huh? Stowaway!?" He shook me.
   I looked him in the eyes and he must have realized I was contaminated because he just put me down and climbed back into his...his...Whatever could it be!? It was large, and shaped like a horse drawn carriage, but lacking horses.
   It had three boxes, two of which were stuck together, the smaller had about eight deep black lines that lead to what I thought could be the devil's quarters themselves; for, smoke emerged from them.

I know the description is horrible, but I'm working on it. You could help me if you want:)

Gosh, uh, let's see.  I'm not sure how to describe a truck from the sixteen hundreds point of view...
No kidding...that was my problem...also, please note, that my book is a REALLY REALLY Rough draft:)
You've finished it?
wow! very cool.
Thank you:) I'm glad you think so thus far:)
No I haven't finished it Mike and far from it...tat's kinda my point...I guess...
Ooooohhhhh, okay.


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