Here is where I will post my story. Now please, I trust you all on here, but please do not steal my idea or quotes or the like... that is, if it turns out to be any good...Thanks:)

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Yeah...probably should have clarified that...
Sounds cool!
Thnx:D I've actually got like 50 pgs on paper right now, I think it's interesting from there on, but I'm stuck at the moment unfortuantely and haven't had time to put it on here
Get it on here please! Super good story. That must have been what it was like for Dustfinger in Inkheart.

Ok;) I'll get it up tomorrow night. I can't go outside and get my journal today so...

Thank you though:D

So much for the next night! Where are you?

ha ha! Srry, I lost my journal and JUST found it. I'll get it up as soon as I can....presently, I'm snowed in...give me a week:) Srry for the delay

it's been a year and a half, Lexi.

yeeeeeahh...longer now I think;) Well, I kinda have given up on this book for a time. It lacks serious depth, and it was kinda just something to play with. I have now started work on a new book with a story board (and a great desire to avoid cliches) and I'm going to crack down on it.

so sorry all:'(


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