What do y'all think of the Miller's new awesome site?

 I'm personally just happy to have the forums back:)

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Same here. haven't had time to check out all the cool new stuff.
Me neither...I wonder if there is a way to add reviews in the review section...
Well, it is awesome to have codebearers back. But, somehow this site is a lot harder to use than the old one, a bit to socially-geared, and the color scheme is not as friendly as the old one. :\
I have to agree somewhat when concerning the profiles.  I liked all those little modules you could add.  On another note, Good to see you Avaid.

^_^ need i say more ???


Yup, the modules were fun...especially for the entertainably challenged.
You know, i really miss that whistling smiley...
I never saw that! Or did I?...
The whistling smiley?
You must have seen it some time or other.  i used all the time.
Probably did...I don't think they have them on here, but I think you should be able to get them through HTML, But I know nothing of it, so talk to aviad.


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